Top 10 Attractions in Walt Disney World

This was a much bigger task then we ever thought. So out of four theme parks, two water parks and all of the in between what is my top 10 attractions in WDW.

  1. Avatar Flight of Passage is hands down the best ride we have ever been on. It was amazing and you felt like you were a part of the movie. The design is amazing from the control room where they link you with your own avatar, to the flight deck where you get on your own banshee. It’s so realistic, you can feel the banshees chest going up and down mimicking it breathing. Then the ride starts and you can feel yourself moving out of the way of trees and animals and brace for emergency stops. It’s amazing how it makes you feel like your really there. Amazing and a must do! FastPass is also a must so you can avoid the 3 hour queue!
  2. Tower of Terror is another of my absolute favourite rides. This one is number 2 for that terrified feeling it gives you no matter how many times you ride it. We love the theming and the cast members are always a laugh by scaring you even more. Nothing prepares you for this ride, the feeling of your body coming off the seat during the drops and some amazing views of Hollywood Studios.
  3. Expedition Everest is another intense but fun roller coaster. During our first trip we didn’t enjoy this ride and thought it was rather boring. However during our second trip we loved it, don’t know what had changed but it was so much fun. I think this was the ride we went on the most and pulled all kinds of different poses. We love looking for the yeti. At one point it makes me feel a little sick because it is so quick. TOP TIP!make sure you experience this ride during the day and night for a totally different perspective.
  4. Kali River Rapids is a raft ride that gets you very wet. We love a water ride but this is really intense. The rapids are insane and you can be really unlucky and catch a wave that will go straight over you! A fun family ride that also needs to be experienced in the day and night.
  5. Severn Dwarfs Mine Train is so much fun and leaves you singing High Ho for the rest of the day. It is a really short ride but is so good. This is another ride that you need to fastpass as the queue is insane. You enter your little mining train and go into the mine. When the bell rings and they start to sing it’s just the right build up. Another great thing about this ride is if you have the Memory Maker you get two pictures and two videos from different positions.
  6. Soarin’ has made the list since having a makeover and now you are soaring over some of the best countries in the world. The film is better with the change of country always being a great surprise. The queue is great for this ride too as you can play a quiz game on your phone against others also in the queue. There are plenty of instructions along the way on how to do this!
  7. Toy Story Mania is a classic for the whole family. This is probably the most competitive ride, or at least it is for us!  You ride in a car and you play a few mini games which all need a good aim. We love this ride and it goes really quick. At the end of the game you get a score and who the winner is. This is another Fastpass must.
  8. Splash Mountain I love this ride especially when it is so hot outside. The queue is rather shaded and cool too. We like this ride because it’s not just the main big drop at the end, it takes a while to get there with a few smaller drops on the way. We love that there is a story in this ride and that it lasts a long time. You do get really wet down the last drop though and it always takes me by surprise on how steep it is!
  9. Big Thunder Mountain is the “wildest ride in the wilderness”. It isn’t wrong …you get thrown about on this fun roller coaster that goes through caves and up and down so many drops. We end up laughing through most of this because it throws you around so much. The queue for this ride is always so warm though so take some water.
  10. The Lazy Rivers …specifically the ones in the water parks! Which we could stay on all day. We love messing around on our tubes and trying to push each other under the waterfalls and cannons. It’s such a good way to relax for a few hours and a lot of the rivers are shaded so you won’t burn as much as you’d think. Our favourite part of both water parks in Walt Disney World.

So these are my Top 10 rides. Mike’s choices are pretty similar but he would take out Kali River Rapids and Big Thunder Mountain and add Rock n Roller and Dinosaur

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