10 Things That Make Walt Disney World Easy!

  1. Transport Walt Disney World really has thought of everything. They have transport down to a tee. From the moment you step off the plane in Orlando International Airport you do need to worry about how to get anywhere. Straight off your flight you head to the Disney Express which is a bus that will take you straight to your resort. This is super simple and very well organised. Once at the hotel you will have a bus station or stand for each park, water park and downtown Disney, they also have a screen telling you when the next bus will be. To travel to resorts you can get a bus, monorail or boat from any of the parks or downtown. The buses have air conditioning which is a life saver if you aren’t used to the heat and humidity of Florida! TOP TIP! They get super busy at the end of the night so be prepared to queue for a bus.
  2. Memory Maker is a must for us as we are a couple as we can never get decent pictures of the two of us. With Memory Maker you can go to any of the Disney photographers and get your photo taken. They are always placed in those high photographed spots such as the castle, tree of life, character spots and sometimes in dining locations. You can also save your ride pictures/videos to your memory maker. You can then look at the app to edit photos and download for you to keep. If you are booking a hotel and park ticket package from the UK, this will be free of charge!
  3. The Wald Disney World App I literally don’t know how we did Disney World the first time around without this app. With this app comes a Resort wide Wifi system which we like but also dislike because it makes us more attached to our phones, something we usually like to get away from on holidays! The app will keep all your plans, memory maker pictures, fastpass bookings and you can even check the live wait times. If your lost the app can even give you directions. So clever and a great addition. Make sure you get it downloaded once you have booked your trip!
  4. FastPass This saved us hours of queuing in particular for Pandora, Seven dwarfs mine train and Frozen. Make sure you book these as soon as you can. Every time you are in Magic Kingdom try and get the mine train pass and same for Pandora and Frozen. In the build up to your holiday, use the app (mentioned above) to check which rides have the long wait times, so you know which ones to aim for! This made it far less stressful and also gave us more time to do other stuff.
  5. Dining Plan is a great way to try new foods. We always do this even if we have to pay for it. Makes it far less stressful, making sure we have booked our restaurants well in advanced. This means we don’t have an hour chat about where to eat while still not making a decision. I was surprised that the dining plan gives you a choice of (pretty much) all menu options, though some do come with a surcharge. It also makes us be a little more adventurous and look at the food rather than the price. It’s also great with the snack credits throughout the day after walking all day, a great reminder to eat (something we often forgot to do on holidays!) This may not be for everyone and can seem expensive. If you like to try new foods and dishes and like to have your meals planned out, we’d say go for it!
  6. Magic Bands WOW! These blow my mind. This little band contains our reservation, dining plan credits, memory maker, booked activities. You will also use these to get into your room and pay for items if you assign a credit card. This means you don’t have to take your wallet to the parks as you have your band. They are super safe as they are also ask for a pin to buy anything, so don’t panic if you lose it!
  7. Uber made our journey over to Universal Studios far easier, cheaper and less stressful especially the way back when you are tired. The best thing about is it’s a door to door service and cashless. Just get the Uber app and your on your way. There is the new “Minnie Van” service, which is similar to Uber. Though Uber is far cheaper and as the name suggests, Minnie Van is only operated within Walt Disney World.
  8. Make a List of Musts Do not leave for your holiday without each person in your group having a list of must do’s. This makes sure you do not get home and remember something you really wanted to do but ran out of time. Make sure you are all involved in the planning stage.
  9. Research You cannot do enough research. There are so many websites to choose from but I used thedibb, wdwinfo and allears. These were all great sources of information. Also use the Walt Disney World App. Don’t forget, this is a MASSIVE park. Other people’s advice and experiences will help you. Though, this is your trip! Try to work out the rides,restaurants and experiences you want to do and plan around that.
  10. Read blogs and watch vlogs there is no better way to learn about how to take a WDW holiday than reading or watching someone else who has done it. There are endless videos on Youtube on people’s trips.

The planning is half the fun of a WDW trip (for Becky) 🙂

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