Anonymous Bar and Beer Spa Prague

So these two things in Prague deserve their own post. These are the most unique things we have done on holiday and we loved every second. We did these both times we visited Prague and it is still what we talk about the most. Highly recommend you visit these, we will every time.

Anonymous Bar

 This is still the best cocktail bar we have ever been to. Their mixes are so unique and the way they are served it is definitely an experience. What we love though is even though it is an experience the cocktails still taste world class. The whole bar is based on the Gunpowder Plot and V for Vendetta. It is dark and moody and makes it really mysterious. You need to really look out for this place as it is tucked into a small courtyard and intentionally hard to find!


So first we had a secret menu which was written in invisible ink and you had to get a black light to read it. The good thing this time is there was 4 of us and therefore we managed to drink the whole menu between us, each tasting each others cocktails. Some were really strong. The drinks are so nice, it didn’t matter what you ordered. We drank the whole menu over the night and I think collectively we didn’t like two drinks, mainly because of one herb used but that was more our personal taste than the cocktail itself!


We then had another secret menu through a view finder thingy like you used to have as a kid, you need to look at the light and each click of the lever is a different cocktail with the ingredients. This was great fun looking for the right cocktail on here. We also made our way through that menu.


We were then given a secret scent menu which we didn’t get last time. This was amazing we were given 4 perfume bottles, each with a different scent. We had to pick our favourite scent that was matched with a secret cocktail. When the cocktail is served it is also brought along with  glass that you open to smell and then you drink the cocktail. So cool and original.


This is one of the best experiences you will ever have in a cocktail bar and they are priced well for the taste. Every now and then they will turn the lights down as one of the cocktails needs to be set on fire before serving. So cool.


The Beer Spa

So when you arrive at the Beer Spa you get checked in and you can help yourself to the beer tap in the reception area. So of course we all had a glass and helped our selves to beer. Once they were ready you are shown into a room with two tubs and bed of hay. So cool, the décor is stunning and you feel cosy straight away. One of the people working in the spa then showed us what went into the hot tubs. She put in barley, yeast and a pint of beer and gave it a mix. They recommend that you don’t take you bathers into the tub as they could get stained. Last time we came we listened, this time we are with friends and that is a whole new kind of friendship level so the bathers went on… Mike had to be forced to keep his on!


They then set a timer and leave you to it. You also have your own bathroom with shower, but we were told not to shower for 12 hours as it is really good for your skin. Before going in I thought we would have to shower as I would smell of beer. You do not! So this time we hired it for 2 hours so you get 2x40minutes in the hot tubs and the rest of the time on the straw bed and in the warm water.


We loved every second of it and for the first half an hour you take 1000’s of photos and laugh so hard at the a situation that should feel awkward but it doesn’t. Each tub also has a beer tap attached so you can pour beers for the whole 2 hours, which we did. I was definitely feeling it once we were out in the cold air.

Another must for such a unique and relaxing experience full of laughter. We would do this experience every time we visit Prague and is definitely worth the money.


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