Toronto – Day 1

Date: 11th February 2018

It was such an ordeal getting to Toronto from London because of the weather. We were 4 hours late because of delayed planes, bird strikes and waiting for luggage.

The express train from the terminal is very quick and easy to get to. We stayed in a Airbnb (Premium Condo, amazing view, heart of downtown), our first where it is just a room and we shared the place with the host. We were a little worried as we have never done this kind of accommodation before. The host (Amelia) was great and room was exactly what we needed with a private bathroom. The reason we chose shared accommodation is it was £300 cheaper! The location was amazing, we were on level 68 with a view of the CN Tower, Air Canada Center and Ontario Lake. Perfect!

What We Did

  • Graffiti Alley We walked all the way up to Graffiti Alley in the freezing cold and snow. It was so cold today and we really struggled with it. It was a hell of a trek up to the alley and everything was closed because we were up early on a Sunday thanks to jet lag. Graffiti alley was a really cool section that you have to see. It was insane the amount of graffiti and how high it went up the buildings. It was really good artwork. We were there when they started a new project with glow in the dark paint.
  • Walked miles around the city in yet again the cold. The small houses were so cute with the porches out front and we saw so many massive icicles hanging off the buildings. The scenery was so pretty in all the snow. We walked up to snakes and lattes but it didn’t open for another 2 hours. We needed a coffee and to get out of the cold for a bit so we walked down to the ROM which felt like it was miles away.   
  • Royal Ontario Museum is such a good looking building from the outside, it really stands out. We were so glad to be out of the cold. For this trip we had bought the Toronto Citypass as it worked out cheaper than paying for each attraction separately. The ROM is a natural history museum and has so many exhibits, you could be in there all day. It is a really cool place for kids as it had so many hands on activities for them to take part in. We were very impressed with their dinosaur section… love a dinosaur. It was such an easy museum to walk around and signs were easy to read.
  • Eaton Shopping Centre was next on our list as we wanted to go to Pandora for an exclusive charm (maple leaf) and to Bath and Body Works. This shopping centre was huge and obviously a great place to warm up. It’s really hard to dress for Toronto as it’s so cold outside that you need lots of layers but then as soon as your inside you are sweating! I couldn’t get the layers off quick enough! We were really tired by this point after the whole day of walking. We decided to go back for a relax, this is where we came across the PATH. The PATH is a underground walkway all over the financial district so workers do not have to walk outside between buildings. Such an odd place as throughout the week you see workers in suits with no coats because they don’t go outside all day. It is kind of like an underground… but you walk, they have shops and food courts all through it. Mike liked walking the PATH, I absolutely hated it as it was busy and hot all the time.
  • Ripley’s Aquarium was also on the CityPass. This I think was the best aquarium I have ever been to. There were so many different fish and the tanks were huge. It was yet another place that is so good for kids as it had many activities for them to do. We loved the fact that the information signs were lit and therefore so easy to read and they had the name of the fish and one fact. This was just enough information. Then comes the longest tunnel under the tank, what was amazing is it had a moving floor so you could always look up. We saw a shark and a sword fish and they were massive. We were in the aquarium for ages and would highly recommend this place especially if you have kids. The aquarium is next to the CN tower so we had a great view of this on the way back to the apartment.

Food and Drink

  • Tim Hortons which we quickly nick named as ‘Timmys’ served the best hot chocolate, made with water too! I usually only drink it with milk. Their pastry selection was to die for we shared Tim Bits which were donut holes (birthday cake, chocolate and plain). If I knew we would not see the birthday cake ones again for the rest of our trip I would have loaded up there and then!
  • Basil Box we were so cold by the time we reached here and it was starting to rain heavily. We were glad for the sit down! This restaurant was right up my street. Loved everything and decisions were difficult to make as it all looked so good and fresh. So you make your own box. So you go through steps to build your own meal. STEP 1 is all about the base and you have a choice of rice, noodles or salad. STEP 2 is where you add your veg and you have a choice of corn, peppers, edamame or sweet potato. STEP 3 you choose your protein from chicken, steak, shrimp or tofu. STEP 4 you add your sauce which can be peanut, penang curry, sweet chilli and lime, tamarind or sriracha. STEP 5 is where you can top your box with pickled veg, nuts, herbs, pumpkin seeds or chillies. So after choosing our boxes and our mango and ginger drinks we picked a seat. The food was so good and I could eat here everyday to build all different kinds of boxes. Highly recommend.
  • Longos was the supermarket next to our apartment, such a cool little place. They had everything from a salad bar, hot pizza counter, bar, starbucks and all your groceries. This is where I found the frozen yoghurt place where you serve yourself, so many toppings to choose from.
  • Loose Moose is a must! It’s a groovy little bar where they have so many different beers to choose from. Literally took ages to read the massive menu to choose a beer. The waitress had to help us pick! We had beers and cocktails which were really tasty. We also ordered the mini sliders and nachos to share. The food was really tasty and the nachos had so much cheese on. This bar had massive TV screens showing all kinds of sports events. Perfect place for a few drinks.

Miles Walked Today: 12.48

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