Zoo and Views – Toronto – Day 2

Date: 12th February 2018


Zoo which we got to by getting the subway and then a bus across. We visited the zoo using our Citypass. It did take over an hour to get there so plan accordingly. It is out of season and it was really cold today but clear and sunny. The main reason for coming to this zoo was to see the pandas, they have 4! This time of year was great to see the pandas as there was no line at all. It was the first thing we went to see and they were eating and moving around which meant it was brilliant timing. The two cubs were being playful, taking each others bamboo. We stood and watched the pandas for some time.

It was then onto the polar bears who have a massive enclosure including an underwater viewing point. The enclosures in this zoo all looked well kept and big enough for all the animals. We saw so many animals and spent the whole day at the zoo. We walked down to see the grizzly bears which felt like miles down this huge hill. When we got there the sign said ‘off exhibit due to hibernation’… You are kidding me after walking down that huge hill to see them. Oh well looks like we have to walk back up the hill. You knew it was out of season because the cafes and shops were all shut. We walked miles around the zoo seeing all the different animals, be prepared for many animals to be off exhibit due to the weather at this time of year. A must do! We then travelled back to the centre where of course I had a bus nap. Perfect!

CN Tower also a part of our Citypass book. We managed to time this perfectly at sunset which also meant it was super busy. You get into the lift to get to the top which is so quick it makes your ears pop. The lift has a glass side so you can look out at the city while your going up, the coolest thing though is it also has glass panels in the floor so you can see the inside.

The view from the top was amazing, you have sections where it is floor to ceiling glass and this was great to watch the sunset. Seeing the sky change shades of blue into orange before the sun was completely gone. You could see the Ontario lake frozen which was awesome and how flat Toronto looks with it’s huge buildings in the financial district and then turning into houses further back. It did get busy for sunset with everyone wanting the perfect shot.

Once the sun had set we went to have a look on the outdoors observation deck. It was so cold out there, as in you couldn’t open your mouth or your teeth froze. The wind was bitter and we were not out there very long! When you come you are then in the section with the glass floors which goes against everything in your body to stand on it. So much fun, we were in there for over an hour and is a must do in Toronto! Try and catch the sunset for a beautiful view.

Eating and Drinking

  • Sunset Grill for breakfast, we had read about this place online. We were really early at 8am thanks to more jet lag. It had a diner feel to it where you could have all you can drink coffee and enough food to kill someone. We both had a breakfast plate with a combination of eggs, sausage, bacon and potatoes served with pancakes and French toast. Wow! it was really good but too much food. No one needs that much food in the morning. I couldn’t do my coat up straight after as I was feeling so so full.


  • Banh Mi Boys was another recommendation thanks to trip advisor. This place has really good reviews, don’t let the look on the outside put you off. The food is Vietnamese and super cheap and so tasty. We loved everything we bought as we decided to try everything. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast and walked so far today we were hungry. Together we shared Kimchi fries, chicken steamed bao, beef taco and pork banh mi. You order at the counter and then try and get a seat in the very small seating area. All the food was lovely and so tasty with all the different spices. You have to try here.

Miles Walked Today: 14

Miles Walked All Together: 26.48

Up Next: Pastries and Beers

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