Pastries and Beers – Toronto – Day 3

Date: 13th February 2018


  • St Lawrence Market we read about this place online and knew we needed to visit for their foods and drinks. We decided this would be a good breakfast, a little nervous arriving as it was a weekday we didn’t know how much of it was open. The food market is in the main building over two floors and was amazing. The smell as you walk into the building is incredible and then you see all the stalls. This is a cute market with so much to see and taste, make sure you arrive hungry. file(22).jpg
  • Explored Toronto this afternoon we just walked around the city. It was the coldest day today and I thought my ankles would shatter. It was the kind of cold that you feel in you bones! We walked over to Nathan Phillips Square to see the Toronto sign the ice skating. When we arrived we quickly decided against skating as it had no sides and Mike hadn’t skated in years, also the people casually skating looked like they were training for the Olympics! We felt our clumsy skating might ruin the scene. It must be us getting old we thought we were likely to break a bone and as it was so cold we went for coffee instead. Much safer.
  • Distillery District was the next place we needed to tick off our list. We loved this area of Toronto even though is was a fair walk away. There are so many cool bars and restaurants here. While we were there the light festival was going on. This meant we got to see artist’s light sculptures and designs, some of these were amazing. I really enjoyed watching the kids run around a circle of seagulls making each light up when they run past. We also liked the head that lit up in small squares along to music.
  • Walked along the lake on the way home from the Distillery district. It was a long way home but a very nice walk. You get amazing views of the Toronto Skyline from this route. We also stopped at sugar beach which really weird in the snow to see beach chairs and umbrellas. We can imagine this place being full in the heat of summer but would be a little deserted in winter… No towel and trunks needed today!

Eating and Drinking

  • St Lawrence Market where we shared blueberry pastry, bagel, gingerbread men and pastries from the bakery. We also had a fresh juice. All that we ate and tried was amazing and so fresh. You know its going to be good when the locals are calling for breakfast. Just make sure you look around before buying the first thing you see and come hungry.
  • Holy Chuck was where we went for a burger and fries. There is a huge menu of different kinds of burgers and poutine. It was really tasty. I would never put cheese and grave together in the UK but it really does work in Canada and is so good. We were so full leaving here.
  • Mill’s Brewery is where we had beers and gin. It distills its own beer and gin and we were able to taste some of the unique beers before deciding what to buy. The gin was really good too. It’s really cosy in the bar and has a great menu. We definitely recommend this place.
  • El Catrin we decided to go here for a snack and drinks. Once we were inside and looked at the menu we decided on just drinks. The food menu was really expensive, although it did look good and this close to the end of the holiday, the funds were drying up! The margaritas were amazing and the décor was really cool and gave a good vibe. It was also absolutely packed! So we’d recommend booking a table if you plan on eating here.


Miles Walked Today: 12.40

Miles Walked All Together: 38.88

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