Castles and Ice Hockey – Toronto – Day 4

Date: 14th February 2018


Casa Loma was a short trip on the underground. We got there early to explore as we wanted to walk back to the centre. Casa Loma is a lovely place to visit with an interesting history and great rooms to explore within the castle. However I do feel we went there because it was on our Toronto Pass, I don’t think we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t included. I like my castles looking like a proper castle, which we have loads of in Wales so I think we’re a bit spoiled there. It was a beautiful day with blue skies. The castle from the outside looked rather impressive.

We then explored their underground tunnels which led to the garage. The garage had a lot of old style cars which were cool to see. We spent a few hours roaming the grounds of the castle and then made our way on the long trek back to the centre.

Ice Hockey in the Air Canada Centre was amazing. We loved the atmosphere in the centre and looking around to see all the fans going crazy. The tickets were really expensive and therefore settled for standing room. This was fine as we were at the top and had a great view. It was a little tough to stand on concrete after a full day of exploring though. I love an anthem and here we heard the American and Canadian ones! The Maple leafs won which was great. At one point the crowd starting throwing their hats onto the ice and we were wondering what was going on, then it was announced that one of the players scored a hat trick. It took ages for them to clear the ice where they were putting the hats in the bin. What a waste when they cost around $30 to buy! It was a great way to finish our Toronto leg.

Eating and Drinking

  • Snakes and Lattes was a café we stopped in, we had read about it online. We stopped for a coffee but were still there three hours later. We could have stayed here all night and were just thinking of all the fun we would have if this was at home with our mates. So the deal was you pay $8 each to play their board games, and they have everything. All the games are organised in genre and also have coloured stickers on the box to show how many players. This made it so much easier to pick a game. We also had snacks and beers. We had the best 3 hours playing games, Mike lost nearly every one and by the end it was time to leave. Don’t think he could deal with losing another game!
  • Dumping House was another place we had read online. Apparently they have the best dumplings and I couldn’t wait to try them. The restaurant is a little strange and the menu was large. We were here for the dumplings so ordered steamed and fried. They were a little too authentic in the way they were piled on a plate. They were nice but really greasy and made us feel really full. This was the only place we had read about online and not agreed with the great reviews. We’d say it was cheap but average.

Miles Walked Today: 8.16

Miles Walked All Together: 47.64

Up Next: Niagara Falls

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