The Most Amazing Hotel – Niagara Falls – Day 5

Date: 15th February 2018


We got the early Megabus out of Toronto towards Niagara Falls, it was quite the task to drag our cases through a cold and snowy Toronto. Could have got a taxi or Uber but decided to go for the free option! We were way too early for the bus and just sat and looked at photos and bought a few snacks for the journey. We use Megabus everywhere we can and they are so reliable and cheap. It cost around $30 return Toronto to Niagara. Once at the Niagara bus station we then ordered an Uber to the hotel…this was a little too far to walk.

The hotel, what can I say WOW! The poshest hotel we have probably ever stayed in. This trip we decided to stay in a cheap Airbnb whilst in Toronto and spend the money for a nice place in Niagara. We stayed in the Embassy Suites by Hilton in a falls view suite. I was rather nervous about the room as all the photos I have seen I imagine have been photo shopped. There was no need to be nervous the view was magical of both Niagara and American falls. Our room was huge with two rooms, a huge bed and whirlpool bath.

The first thing we had to check out was the falls from Table Rock Centre and pick up our Niagara passes. We got down to the centre using the incline railway which was just outside our hotel. The incline was included in our pass and were a great way to get to the views of the falls day and night. Getting the passes were really easy all we had to do was show our confirmation email!

The first thing off the pass we decided to do was Niagara’s Fury as it was really quiet today. We heard that this gets busy towards the weekends. This is a great show that shows you the history behind the falls in a cute animation that would be great for kids. It has effects such as smoke, moving platform and loads of water pouring. You do get wet and they provide ponchos for you. We loved the show and it really taught us about what we were going to see and how it came about.

Then it was onto the main attraction, the falls. As soon as you open the door you can hear the power of the water and see the mist rising above the railings. It sounds so loud and rather intimidating. We went up to the railings and couldn’t believe the size of Niagara, no photos do these falls justice. We were surprised at how close to the falls you can actually get. The water falling over the edge was so clear and blue.

Then there was only one thing for it, THE TUB. We loved in this bathtub over the three days. I think we had 5 baths in three days which is ridiculous but you would understand if you felt how cold it was outside. We had lots of gin and time to reflect on our travels so far.

Eating and Drinking

  • Johnny Roccos for tea and it was great. We drank wine and cocktails and ate tapas. The food was lovely and they even have live bands as entertainment which was nice. This place is a must, it is a little out of the centre and required an Uber but you know it’s good when it is full of locals. We learned that it was a busy weekend which they call Family Weekend. It is basically a bank holiday where families spend time together, which sounds lovely. Why don’t the UK have something like this?! 
  • Bus Snacks was our other meal of the day. We snacked of crisps, cookies and drinks. As usual it was a one meal kind of day.

Miles Walked Today: 4.2

Miles Walked All Together: 52.84

Up Next: Day exploring the falls

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