The Falls – Niagara Falls – Day 6

Date: 16th February 2018


The falls of course were the first thing we went to see today. It was a clear day and I think today was the best view with the least mist. I love the mist as it makes it look eerie. We managed to catch a rainbow starting at the end of the falls which was amazing. There are so many ways you can describe the falls here are the photos so you can make your own.


Journey Behind the Falls was our next stop for today. This is where you can actually walk behind the falls. When you enter the attraction you take the journey down 125 feet by lift. You are then free to explore on your own at your own pace. We went to the viewing area which was smaller than usual due to the snowfall and time of year. Here you can get an amazing view of the water falling. We could of stood here all day and watched the water fall. It’s the place you can really feel the power of the water falling the 13 stories. It’s an absolute breathtaking experience and one not to be missed. TOP TIP! Arrive early for a quieter experience. We went first thing and were the only ones there!

We then walked along the tunnels that have been carved into the rock. I’m still not entirely sure I liked this part as I couldn’t get out of my head that the falls were above us and suddenly I felt very claustrophobic and anxious about the tunnel flooding. You cannot describe the noise and vibrations of the falls when in these tunnels that echo. We then got to an opening in the rock where you are stood behind the waterfall. The noise here was so loud that we couldn’t stand there for long. The speed of the water was something else that took us by complete surprise.

file(27).jpgWEGO bus was included in the Niagara pass and was a great way to travel around especially in the very cold weather. These buses were always on time and really easy to get to, the drivers were also very helpful in making sure you get where you need to go. We got the bus to see the Niagara whirlpool, we were dropped off and waited the 30 mins for the return journey. The whirlpool is another amazing feature that is a must see. Be prepared though in winter nothing is open there and you will have to wait the 30 mins for the bus as the pavements were full of snow and ice. After the morning in the freezing cold there was only one place to go, the tub!

Bird Kingdom. This was an ok attraction nothing to get too excited by to be hones. We got to see a lot of birds in free flying areas. It just was a strange place and probably another attraction we wouldn’t have visited if it wasn’t a part of the pass.

Clifton Hill reminded us of a seaside town. It was full of mazes, haunted houses and arcades. Not really our thing. We walked up the street and back to the hotel. It is a good place to people watch and the buildings are crazy looking. you could spend so much money here especially if you have kids.

The Falls, Lit Up was another amazing view of the falls. Our favourite was the red and white which reminded us of the Canadian flag. They would change every so often and we got to see a few colours. Another must see while your in Niagara.

Eating and Drinking

  • Breakfast at the hotel was nice. We ate pancakes and breakfast potatoes along with your usual breakfast offerings. We were lucky enough to get a falls view table which was nice. Breakfast can get really busy so get there early if you wanna miss the main crowd.
  • I-Hop had to be done while in America. We both opted for breakfasts with pancakes. This was for lunch and as always was good but made us so full. We felt rather sick leaving here. I-Hop is a must do for us but we always think it is a great idea until the feeling you get after eating so much food. The pancakes are to die for mind though.
  • Beaver Tail was something we found by researching Toronto online. Unfortunately we were out of season in Toronto and the shop was closed. We were so happy that the one in Niagara was open. It is fried dough in the shape of a beaver tails with different topping combinations. We went for banana and chocolate and it was so good.

file(17)Take away pizza was what we opted for tea. We were meant to go to The Keg for that amazing meal with the best view of the falls. We looked at the menu and decided it was rather pricey and you are not guaranteed a falls view. So we opted for takeaway pizza as our room had the views we needed. It was our last night and so we ate pizza and had time in the tub and enjoyed the comfiest of sleeps all week.

Mikes Walked Today: 8.83

Miles Walked All Together: 61.67

Up Next: Leaving Days 😦

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