Leaving Day – Toronto – Day 7

Date: 17th February 2017

Back to the Airport

We had the holiday blues creeping in! The only way to get rid of them was to talk about the next adventures we were trying to plan. This morning we had breakfast at the hotel which was average and decided to take one more look at the falls. We checked our luggage in with the hotel and walked down to the falls. It had been really clear and cold over night and we saw that more ice was forming on the river. We took in the most magical view and bought some souvenirs. It was time to leave with sad faces.

We loved our stay at the Embassy Suites by Hilton and the staff couldn’t do enough for you. We got an Uber to the bus station costing around $13. The MegaBus was a two hour journey back to Toronto which I slept all of the way. We were dreading the 1 mike walk through Toronto with our suitcases. Then the bus driver said that he would be making a really quick stop at Union Station, we could have kissed the bloke. No one mike walk with cases for us! This made our day. We then caught the UP Express from Union Station to the airport.

For a travel day everything ran smoothly and was so easy to get to everywhere. A little to easy I most would say.

Time to leave Toronto and Country 29!

Final Thoughts

We loved our time in Toronto exploring the city by foot and doing all the touristy attractions. Canadians are very friendly and helpful.

We were amazed by the view from our hotel in Niagara and this will always be with me. It was a great holiday as we walked miles the first 5 days in Toronto and had a full itinerary and then chilled out in Niagara.

Miles Walked in Total: 66.06

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