Top 10 Toronto

  1. Zoo The zoo was brilliant! We loved watching the Pandas be cheeky and taking each others bamboo. We caught the underground and then a bus to the zoo and it does take over an hour to get there, totally worth it. We went in winter and some of the exhibits were shut such as the grizzly bears and rhinos. It is still worth a visit as you can still see lots of the animals. It is a really nice walk around the zoo with brilliant views of the surrounding area. One good thing about going in winter was that it was really quiet and we basically had the zoo to ourselves.
  2. CN Tower at Sunset This was by far where we had the best views of the city. We love to see a city from up high no matter where we are and the CN Tower is really high. We headed up to catch the sunset so we could see the city at day and night. The lifts are fast and have a glass wall so you can see out. TOP TIP: While in the lift remember to look at the floor as there are glass panels to see how far up you are going. It was really cool to see all the lights in the city come on. The sunset was beautiful as it set over the Ontario Lake. The CN Tower takes a while to get around. First you are in a room with floor to ceiling windows where you can see all of the city and lakes. You can also go to an observation deck which is outside for a 360 view of the city. Then came the crazy part you are then shown to a glass floor which is rather scary to stand on but totally worth the photos you can get. We loved the CN Tower!
  3. Banh Mi Boys We still dream about the food here. For such a small place we had the best food here. We both agreed that it was the best thing we ate all week and was so cheap. We knew it was going to be good because of the line of Canadians at the till. This place gets super busy so be prepared to wait. We basically tried a few different things that we had no clue what they were. Everything we ate was fresh and delicious. This has definitely made us want to go to Vietnam even more just for the food.
  4. Snakes and Lattes was a great place to spend a few hours. We walked here from Casa Loma and decided to pop in for coffee and to play some games. The selection of games here is amazing, they cover the back wall. The café has a really good system where they place coloured dots on the box showing how many players each game is for. They are also organised into different genres which is really helpful. We sat and played a lot of games while drinking beer and eating snacks. We would love for this place to be in the UK as it would be such fun to take a group of mates.
  5. St Lawrence Market This is another must while in the city. The pastry here is to die for so make sure you come on an empty stomach. There is so much to try and everything looks so fresh and smells delicious. We managed to fit in a few different pastries, bagels, biscuits and juices. All were so tasty. You have to spend a few hours to walk around the market and try all the different things on offer.
  6. Distillery District We spent a night in this area drinking and looking at the light festival. It is a really cool place to hang out with a few beers. The bars are modern and really cosy. The light festival was great with different sculptures on display which would light up once it was dark.
  7. Ice Hockey We didn’t know whether to get tickets for the hockey as they were very expensive. We decided to get the standing only tickets which were the cheapest and were so glad that we did. I love an anthem and we got to hear the Canadian and USA national anthem. I could have left after that! The match was full of entertainment and the Maple Leafs won which was a great result. We loved the atmosphere in the Air Canada Centre.
  8. Tim Horton’s was the go to place for coffee. We went here every day for a coffee, hot chocolate and Tim’s Bits. Tim’s Bits were doughnut holes in different flavours and a must have. Our favourite flavour was birthday cake.
  9. Loose Moose was a great place with an amazing atmosphere. We spent a night here trying different beers and cocktails. Its a really groovy looking bar with lots of TVs showing different sports. We also tried the food which was super tasty.
  10. Niagara Falls (Not in Toronto… obviously) This is a must visit while in Toronto. I recommend staying overnight so you get the full experience. We stayed two nights in a falls view suite and loved the little bit of luxury. We could also make use of the luxury as there isn’t a huge amount to do in Niagara. The falls are amazing and you have to see them in the day and night. The sheer amount of water, the noise and the mist all adds to the intense experience of the falls. We could spend most of our day watching them in awe. The transport is really good and cheap, we used megabus to get from Toronto to Niagara for very little money. We then used the WEGO while in Niagara which takes you to all the tourist parts of town.

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