London Landmark Half Marathon Weekend

Date: 23rd – 26th March 2018

Why? Mike, Hannah (My Sister) and Brandon (Sister’s boyfriend) decided to run the London Landmark Half Marathon to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. This is a charity close to our hearts. My Dad died of a heart attack back in 2010 and both my older Sister, Laura and my Mum suffer from a heart condition, which we have only known about for a few years. They all did really well raising close to £1500, which was well over their target. It was a family affair as we all went to London and made a weekend of it.

Where We Stayed: The Hub by Premier Inn in Westminster. This room was really new and so cool. It was really small but perfect for what we needed. The location was perfect as we were a few roads over from Westminster Abbey and so close to the Embankment. This is a perfect location to explore all of London. We decided to drive to London and we parked outside of the City of London and got the tube in. This was the easiest and cheapest was to get into the centre from where we live.

Day 1

Brick Lane Bakery, we arrived into London earlier than the rest of the family and decided to have a wonder around. We walked through Brick Lane looking at all of the quirky and interesting shops and cafes. There was a café dedicated to just cereal which looked really fun. We decided to try the bagels from the famous bagel store. They were so good and fresh. The smell inside of the bakery was amazing.

Spitafields Market, we then stumbled upon Spitafields Market which also smelled amazing. There were so many street food places that we didn’t know where to pick. TOP TIP: Look around and see what all the stalls have to offer, it is so hard to pick. We settles on pork boa which were amazing and slowly becoming one of our favourite foods.

Alchemist, our next stop was our favourite cocktail bar in the UK. The theming in this bar is amazing and the food is also really good. We drank a few cocktails here trying new ones and obviously our favourites.

St Paul’s Cathedral, from the Alchemist we walked over to the Tate Modern. This is a lovely walk which took us past St Paul’s and over the Millennium Bridge to get some of the best views of London and its skyline.

Tate Modern, we had to go here as we had seen online that they have a swings exhibit which were so fun. We spent some time swinging on the different swings and watching others.

Embankment, is one of my favourite places to hang out and people watch. I love everything about it The Eye, Big Ben, Westminster and Number 10.


Day 2

Camden Town, we walked across to Camden Town for breakfast in the Weatherspoons. Of course we had prosecco with the breakfast. We walked around to look at all the different stalls in Camden Market. You could spend hours here getting lost and looking at all the unique things on offer. It is a place where you definitely need to haggle with the shop people to get the best price!


Trafalgar Square, every time we come to London we have to drink in The Admiral in Trafalgar Square. It’s one of the best places to people watch in London and have some pints.

Buckingham Palace, is another must when in the city. From Trafalgar Square we made our way down the Mall towards the Palace. Its always good fun to see which flag is flying to see if the Queen is actually in!

Day 3

Today was Race Day for Mike, Hannah and Brandon and they were all a little nervous. We headed up to Trafalgar Square and left them find their starting places. We walked along the route to find a place to watch the runners. We uploaded the app to track all three of them. The app worked really well and we could see their times and how they were all doing. We saw the three of them at mile 3, 11 and 13. Mike managed to finish the race in 2 hours and Hannah and Brandon came in together at 2.50 hours. Hannah did really well seems as she had no training… literally nothing! The whole day was planned really well and the support along the route was fantastic for the runners.


Day 4

The Sky Garden was the last thing to do in London. We have heard that the views are on par with those on top of the Shard. We chose the Sky Garden because we wanted to see the shard in the London Skyline and it is free to go up. You have to book tickets a week in advanced as it does get very busy over the weekends. The views are amazing and you can see the Themes, The Eye, The Shard, Tower of London and so much more. They have an outdoor viewing area. We decided to have a cake and drink in the cafe with the amazing vies of London all around us. The food was a little overpriced but we didn’t mind as we hadn’t payed to go up.

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