Finding Beauty on Your Doorstep – Wales

Date: 31st March 2018

The Plan: It was a drizzly day in Mid Wales and we decided to chase the sunshine. We read online that West was meant to be sunny so we drove West… after all West is best. So we decided to go to Aberdaron which is the most western point in North Wales and just stop along the way where we fancied.

Where we Explored:

As we drove West we went through all kinds of seasons. Honest to God we went from snow to sun in around 30 minutes it was so bizzare.

Dolgellau was our first stop of the day, we hadn’t been here in years. We parked the car and went to search for a bakery as we needed pastry. We found a lovely bakery and bought a cheese and onion pasty, sausage roll and a cookie. We ate these while walking around the small town. It is such a pretty little place with a lot of slate and grey/black buildings. The church looked so nice.

Abersoch was next on the hit list. We had already decided that today was going to cost a fortune in car parks as most places were a part of the National Trust. On our way into Abersoch we saw that people were parking on the side of the road so after a u-turn that is where we decided to park. The beach here was amazing and you could see for miles. The sun was burning through the clouds and in the distance you could see the mountains of Snowdonia National, amazing views. I absolutely love visiting the seaside towns out of season when it’s not full of tourists and the weather is unpredictable.

We stood on the beach and discussed how beautiful our home country is. I feel like we have travelled so much but we always took home for granted. We decided that this year we would not travel as much to other countries and instead explore our home.

Aberdaron was next on our Welsh road trip and the whole reason for our drive in the first place. Another amazing beach with great walks and views. We walked up one side of the hill to get the best view across the beach.


It was a lovely place to wonder around with cute little shops and cafes. We stopped at Y Gegin Fawr for cake and coffee which was really tasty, we highly recommend as the food looked amazing. The cafe was once a communal kitchen where people could rest and eat before crossing to Bardsey Island.

So we had explored Aberdaron, which was the reason for this trip. We wandered where next! We looked at the map and decided to head down to Harlech to see the castle and on the way we stopped at Porthmadog. Again we ditched the car in a small car park outside of the main town where it was free to park. We walked up to the steam railway track to have views of the mountains and watch the steam train go past. The sun was dipping giving off the most amazing light that lit up the mountains.

Harlech was our next stop and we were unfortunately too late to go into the castle. As soon as we saw the castle we knew we wanted to come back to go inside… watch this space. The hill we drove up to get to the castle was steep, as in I didn’t know if the car would make it up. We knew the castle was epic as it had a Welsh flag flying. We love a good flag blowing in the wind. Everywhere we had been today we could see the mountains in the background which made every photo perfect. However you have to see it with your own eyes to let beauty touch you. It is a magical place!

Barmouth was the next place we spotted on the map. So we drove and parked up and saw the most amazing looking ice cream parlour that we just had to try. The place was called Knickerbockers and the list of flavours was immense. I loved how they had jaffa cake and jammy dodger flavour! This is a must when in Barmouth. We had a little walk around and then decided it was probably time for tea, seeing as as we had already eaten dessert.  It was onto Aberystwyth for fish and chips, we stopped here briefly for food which we ate in the car watching the waves crash in. A perfect end.

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