Luxembourg for a Long Weekend

Date: 5th-8th April 2018

Where We Stayed

Empire Hotel was central and overlooked the train station. The hotel staff were friendly and the room was big and clean. All rooms seem to come with two single beds pushed together with two separate duvets which is a little odd. Health and safety was obviously not a concern also as we could open the window wide… on the fourth floor.

Our flight was delayed by over 2 hours, we landed with no public transport running as it was midnight. Our only option was to get a taxi which cost nearly 50 Euro, nearly died when we saw the meter for our 10 minute journey.

On the way back to the airport it was simply the number 16 bus from outside the train station which made it nice and easy.

Must Do and See

  • Luxembourg Card This worked out really good value and got us into all of the following attractions and many many more. It also includes public transport on trains and buses which was great. We managed to explore a lot more of the country thanks to these cards. We bought them direct at the tourist information and the man was lovely and very helpful. Once you have the card you place the date in the boxes. We bought a three day pass, we were told if we didn’t use it for three days this trip, the card stays valid for one year. TOP TIP: Look in the Luxembourg Card booklet to see what is on offer or download the app which was another great source of information.
  • Bock Casemates is a fortress in the City of Luxembourg. We explored the fort with its endless corridors within the cliff. It was amazing to think about the 35,000 locals it sheltered during the World Wars. It was a cool place to walk around with many view points of the city below. There are a lot of steps and some of them are in the circular stair case which could be taxing to walk down or up. Another good reason to visit? It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gotta tick off as many of those as we can!
  • Notre Dame is the Cathedral in Luxembourg City and was worth the visit. I love stained glass windows and these did not disappoint. The colours were so bright and the sun was shining through. The cathedral is massive and a must see while in the city.
  • Vianden Castle We had seen this castle in the Luxembourg Card brochure and really wanted to see it, it looked like a fairytale castle. We got a train from Luxembourg and then a bus to Viaden. The journey was easy and all public transport was on time and easy to work out. Once we had arrived in Viaden we headed over to the chair lift which was a really fun way to see the town and the castle. We then walked to the castle… in the wrong direction to start with, up a massive hill. We realised we were going in the opposite direction to the castle and turned back. We came across a lookout cafe by the chair lift so we had a beer to cool down. We then followed the signs to the castle. TOP TIP! The chair lift is a good way of seeing the town but we felt it is an arse about face way of getting to the castle which isn’t as high as you think. So if you are just interested in the castle, don’t feel that you have to use the chairlift, it isn’t that far to walk! The castle was great to explore and we loved how it was an organised route to take so you get to see everything without getting lost. The views were amazing from the top of the castle too. We really enjoyed exploring!
  • Remich We decided to visit here as yet again we saw that with the Luxembourg card we could tour a wine cellar. We were sold and decided to skip lunch for wine. We caught a bus to Remich from Luxembourg City which was easy. We found the tourist information really helpful in telling us how to get places and using the best forms of public transport. Remich was beautiful, we walked down the side of the river among the blossom trees.

The St Martin Wine Cellar was great. We were lucky enough to have a private tour and it was so interesting. The Cellar is built into the side of the cliff which makes it cool to store and make the wine. We were walked through all the different stages of making the wine. They used to store the wine in huge concrete blocks with a small hole in the front. We were told that people had to squeeze through the hole to clean it. We couldn’t believe anyone would fit through the small hole! When the bottles are placed in the racks they are hand turned which takes a long time with the amount of bottles. After the tour we then tried a few different wines and sat on the terrace in the sunshine before heading back to the bus.

Eat and Drink

  • Cafe we found it hard to find cafes for something small to eat as everywhere looked like restaurants. We worked out that the ice cream place was where to get a toastie and so went to a few of these for a lunchtime snack. The ham and cheese toasties were really good.
  • Chocolate House we read about this place online and decided to try it for a coffee stop. I got a ginger hot chocolate spoon that you stir into hot milk. It was really good. The menu looked awsome and so did the cakes, though the staff were grumpy as hell!
  • Chi Chi’s it was so hot one of the days that all of the outdoor places were full. It was so busy in the centre, we finally found a table at this Mexican restaurant where we shared nachos and drank margaritas. It was really good and pretty cheap for the location.
  • Scott’s Pub Again it was busy because the sun was out over the weekend. We found this pub with a cute little beer garden on the river. We stopped here for a few gin and tonics.

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