Adventure Weekend in Wales

Date: 20th-22nd April 2018

Why: Mike had organised a weekend away for my 30th birthday. When he asked where I would like to go I said an adventure weekend full of fun. He did not disappoint, I loved every minute of it.

Where We Stayed: We travelled up to Anglesey on Friday night. We were staying in Benllech in a camping pod. It was lovely and the weather was on our side. The pod was small but had everything you needed. The owner was lovely and placed chocolates, flapjacks and a bottle of prosecco for my birthday. We also had our own bathroom behind the pod. Once we arrived we had a barbecue in the sun with some gin… of course. We then walked down to the beach which we had to ourselves and the sunset was amazing.

Saturday 21st April 2018

We booked coasteering through Anglesey Adventures. This morning we drove up to Holyhead to meat Ginge our coasteering instructor. Once we met we then got into our wet suits which was harder than I remembered. Though the last time I was in a wet suit was probably at about 15 years old. We then were provided shorts, gloves, buoyancy aid and helmets. We were then making our way to the shore line. Ginge talked to us about the different tides and times of year, he said that in the summer there are around 100 people coasteering, this weekend it was just the two of us!

We did a lot of swimming which I think was the most tiring part of the day. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to swim with a buoyancy aid on. The water ranged in temperature depending how deep it was. Some of the last jumps were really cold.

When we weren’t swimming we were climbing up the rocks which was also rather difficult. Mike could do it no problem because he is so tall. I had to use my knees to push myself up some of the large steps. The rocks were super slippery and I did take two huge falls. One of the falls I actually could of died if it wasn’t for my helmet! Ginge was saying because we were one of the first groups to coasteer then there was a lot more seaweed on the rocks which made it slippery.

We were then onto the jumps. We jumped about five times. We started on the smaller rocks and then we made our way higher and higher. My legs were shaking on some of the jumps as they were really high. They were so much fun and we even managed some star jumps.

It took around 2 hours to complete the route. The end was really tough as my legs and arms were shaking from being so tired and we had to climb the side of the cliff until it levelled out at the top. We felt such adrenaline after completing the course and it was so much fun. Ginge was a great instructor and was so informative on the coast and routes. We loved every minute of it. Once we were changed back into our clothes we all had ice cream which was much deserved.

We then headed for lunch, Ginge had recommended the Sea Shanty just down the road and it was really good. The sun was shining and we ate outside on the patio. I got a sandwich and Mike had Cheese on Toast. I also tried the Aberfalls Gin for the first time which was amazing, I can’t wait to visit the distillery.

We then headed to South Stack to see the Lighthouse. It was so hot today we burned our faces, necks and everything while coasteering so we also went looking for some sun cream. The lighthouse was amazing to see!

We then drove around the coast back to Benllech. We stopped on the side of the road as Mike wanted to go and see the Porth Wen brickworks, which is an old abandoned brick factory. You were not allowed to get close as it’s on private land so we walked some of the coastal path to get as close as we could. The daffodils were so pretty that lined the path and a couple of cow to greet us too!

We had fish and chips from Benllech which are quite possibly the best we have ever tasted. The shop was heaving and there was a line out of the door. It was totally worth the wait though. We were in bed early after our busy day exhausted and burned. I also had bruises all over my legs which were rather sore!

Sunday 22nd April 2018

We headed over to Llanberis for Paddleboarding. We booked the introduction class with Psyched Paddleboarding. I had a major problem… my legs were so battered from the previous day I found paddleboarding really uncomfortable. I can’t wait to try it again when I’m a bit fresher! So we both managed to stand up and paddle around the lake in Llanberis. The instructor was great and taught us how to paddle on our knees, turn, avoid crashing and finally standing up. We were paddling for around two hours. It was a really good course where they provide everything. The view was amazing, you were paddling around with Snowdonia National Park as a backdrop.

Once we were done our instructor got tea and cake out and the back of the van for everyone and then recommended a local cafe for food. We had to try it, we walked into Llanberis town and headed for the cafe called Mafon. The food was really good we had avocado on toast and mozzarella and tomatoes on toast. It was super tasty and very warm and welcoming staff!

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