Day 3 – Northern Ireland – Llama Trekking and Derry

Date: 29th May 2018

The Drive: We left Belfast early to get to The Jungle and then moved onto Derry. The drive was pretty easy, though getting to The Jungle you do drive down some narrow back roads, we were just hoping not to meet a tractor!

Where We Stayed: We stayed at Charlotte House which we booked through This place was really nice with a bedroom and en suite. It came with water and pastries for the morning which was a nice touch. It was very warm today with blue skies, and we were also close enough to work into the centre which was perfect. We payed £55 for one night.

What We Explored 

Llama Trekking was first today. It was Mike’s birthday and this is what I had booked for him to do. He loves all kinds of animals and constantly winds me up that he wants a llama, manatee, dog, mini horse, pygmy goat… you get the idea. So I decided to give him a Llama to walk around for a bit. I booked this through The Jungle Northern Ireland, they offer loads of adventure sports and cool/unusual things to do. We arrived at around 11 a.m. and headed for the reception area. We thought we would have a guide that walked around with you but nope. We got given a Llama, a few tips on handling and told the route and we were on our way. Such a cool experience. We loved every minute of walking our Llama (that we called Liam). We did get a little lost, we were meant to follow the Llama signs but I think we missed one on the way. It took about 45 mins to walk the Llama around and get some cool shots before it was time to head back.

Once we had given the Llama back we had ordered a picnic lunch which was amazing. We had sandwiches, crisps, fruit, yogurt, cake and a can of pop. It was all really fresh and delicious. It was becoming a hot day so made our way back to Fabs and headed over to Derry.

We then drove to Derry which would be the start of our coastal road trip. We parked our car where we were staying and walked into town. Our first stop was the Peace Bridge which connects the two sides of the River Foyle. This was an amazing bridge which you can walk or cycle over. We walked across the bridge and headed over to the City Walled Brewery, however it didn’t open until later. So we walked back over the Peace Bridge and headed for the city walls.

The City Walls were a great way to explore Derry and they went round in a square. It was really sunny and hot and the walls made it feel even warmer so we dipped into an ice cream store for a sundae. Once we had cooled down we carried on exploring the walls before heading over the peace bridge… yet again… for beers and tapas.

Food and Drink

We eat and drank at the Walled City Brewery. This was a great place to watch the sun set from the beer garden. They have a large board behind the bar with all of the beers they brew in house. We manages to get a taster of four each and it was really well priced. I think by the end we had tried all the beers and made a heavy dent in the cocktail menu too. We got chatting to an American couple who were also exploring Northern Ireland. We swapped travel stories and then ordered the tapas as the sun was setting, it was amazing. We will definitely be back here and would highly recommend it.

Steps According to Fitbit: 17,934

Miles Walked Today According to Fitbit: 7.82

Total Miles Walked: 21.03

Up Next: The most spectacular sunset over The Giant’s Causeway

Important Question: YES! Llama Trekking was definitely worth the money with the picnic. Everything offered at The Jungle was well priced and The Walled City Brewery was also well worth the visit.

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