Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland – Day 4

Date: 30th May 2018

The Drive: We left Derry early and headed towards Port Stewart Strand and then onward to Bushmills. The roads were clearly signposted for the Coastal Road. We basically hugged the coast for as long as we could. The views were amazing and the weather was great. It was blue skies and sunny, meaning we could see for miles. The drive is easy and when we were stuck in traffic or behind a tractor we just took in the view. Keep an eye out for signs as we stopped in many places that wasn’t on our list. Bushmills was so busy to park the car we were lucky that we could park at the hostel.

Where We Stayed: We stayed at Finn McCool’s Giant’s Causeway Hostel for £57.75 for the one night. We stayed here all because of the location, you could walk straight to the Giant’s Causeway. It was our worst sleep of the trip as the beds were so uncomfortable. However we would probably stay here again just for the location!

What we explored

Portstewart Strand was a beautiful beach we came across on the coast road. TOP TIP! Do not park at the Portstewart Strand car park as it was so expensive and it’s only a car park on the beach! Instead we parked past the village in a car park at the side of the road and walked down to the beach. The path towards the beach is breathtaking with a view for miles. The beach was huge and has plenty of space. We paddled in the freezing cold water, ate ice cream and went for a long walk.

Bushmills Distillery was our next stop. We drove through the town and it was rammed with no space to park! We then decided to park at our hostel and get the bus into the centre. This was cheap and easy to catch. We then headed to the Bushmills Distillery. Mike loves whiskey and enjoys going to any distillery, me on the other hand I hate the stuff! We walked around the distillery and saw an insight into the making of it. It was a really good tour. Mike would say the best part was the tasting room at the end! With the tour you get one sample of a whiskey of your choice…so Mike had mine too.

Giant’s Causeway was the main reason for this whole trip. It had been on our bucket list for a long time. It did not disappoint at all! You have to visit this place and take in the scenes. It is amazing! TOP TIP! Do not pay to park at the Causeway as it is so expensive. I think it is £11. They make it sound that you have to pay this to get into the Giant’s Causeway. You DO NOT! I highly recommend staying at the causeway as you are then able to visit once all the tour groups have left, if you don’t fancy the hostel there is also a hotel which is, as you would imagine, more expensive! It was a beautiful day, we headed down at around 7 pm. It was really quiet as the visitors centre, and the shuttle bus, was now closed.

We walked around the causeway which was like playing on stepping stones from when you were younger. I was absolutely memorised with the waves coming in and covering parts of the Causeway. We watched so many people get drenched as they stood at the edge, until a huge wave then came and hit them!

Once we had spent a few hours getting shots and taking in the scenes around us we decided to walk the red route back to the top. This route is a little tough but the views at the top are so worth it. We climbed the steep steps to the top and got some shots of us sat at the edge dangling our feet.

We then hung around for the most spectacular sunset which rivals others around the world. There is another blog post idea in there somewhere… The sunset was magical and like out of a movie. The photographs just don’t do it justice, it was stunning.

Food: We grabbed sandwiches from a shop in Derry, which we ate at the beach. For tea we went to a lovely fish and chip shop in Bushmills. The fish and chips were so good. There is nothing better than sea air with fish and chips.

Steps According to Fitbit: 20,781

Miles Walked Today According to Fitbit: 9.06

Total Miles Walked: 30.09

Up Next: Castle hunting!

Important Question:Of course! Absolutely worth it. It was worth staying at the Causeway and seeing it out of opening times. Mike would say that it’s definitely worth going to the distillery too! It was a fab day that we would happily do again.

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