The Gobbins – Northern Ireland – Day 7


Date:  2nd June 2018

The Drive: The drive was getting easier the closer back to Belfast we were getting. We were saying goodbye to small twisty roads of the coast and hello to the boring dual carriageways. We were already missing the coast view to our left when driving.

Where We Stayed: We stayed at Slemish Barn Hostel, which we booked through It was a lovely hostel, we stayed in the family room which had two sets of bunk beds and a private bathroom with shower. It also had a shared kitchen where we made our snacks for the evening.

What We Explored: We started our day with a trip to Glenariff Forest Park in the hunt for some waterfalls. It was a misty day which made the forest look spooky. It was a lovely walk on the waterfalls trail. In the park you can choose which trail you would like to walk and there is a good map and description at the start with the length of the trails. It was quite a hike in some parts as we walked to the bottom of the waterfalls and then had to climb back up to the car park! Here are the waterfalls we saw on our hike along with the trees, plants and spider webs caught in the mist.

This is a great morning out and we saw lots of families having fun exploring the forest. Once we had managed to climb pack up to the top we went to the cafe for hot chocolates and cakes. Just what we needed for what was coming up next!

When we were booking our trip to Northern Ireland we wanted to find things to do outside of Belfast and the main tourist places. We came across the Gobbins which looked like it was just up our street. We were very lucky to be gifted tickets but as always our opinions are our own. This place was absolutely amazing! The centre is lovely and tells you the history of the Gobbins which is really interesting. You do need a sturdy pair of shoes as the ground is uneven and sometimes slippery. They will check and you won’t be able to go on the walk if you don’t have decent enough shoes! You’re then given a warning card, don’t think about it too much! You’ll be perfectly safe as long as you listen to the guide. As soon as I saw there were 1000 steps you had to climb I started to panic, but there was no need to panic as the steps are spaced out and manageable. We then got our helmets on and into the minibus to the start.

So the Gobbins, a walk just above the sea level along the cliff edge. The path is made up of steel bridges, caves and natural steps cut into the cliff. The story behind the Gobbins is interesting and the guides are well informed. There was a small group of us which meant we could all hear and they do say to take it at your own pace. Once in the cave there is a very small section which does get pitch black. We saw many sea birds including puffins! We enjoyed every minute of our walk and didn’t want it to end. TOP TIP! Take in the scenes on the way out as you will be walking back the same way to take your photos. The guides will also take your family photos which was great.

The thing with the Gobbins is no walk would be the same and they are starting to do nighttime walks. I would love to go back on a blustery day where the waves hit the cliffs and get you wet. We will definitely be back to explore this place at a different time of year.

Steps According to Fitbit: 16,687

Miles Walked According to Fitbit: 2.41

Total Miles Walked: 49.67

Up Next: That is the end of our Northern Ireland series. Up next …who knows what the Summer will bring.

Important Question: Yes! The Gobbins was one of the highlights of our trip and is definitely a must do no matter what the weather. We cant wait to go back on a blustery day to see the sea.

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