London Done Cheap!

Travel: So we went to London to visit friends for the weekend. We needed to do this as cheaply as possible as we were skint! The first thing we saved money on was park and rail. This is such a great idea for those who don’t live near good transport links. We drove down to North Ealing tube station and parked there. It cost £8 for three days of parking. BARGAIN! We then bought a single tube station to the centre, which was around £4 each. We knew we weren’t going to use an all day pass as we walk all the centre of London to see more!

Hotel: Hub by Premier Inn Tower of London. This cost £70 a night which is a really good rate for a comfortable room right in the centre of London. We loved walking down the Thames to get to the heart of London. The breakfast was also really good here, I think we payed £5 for porridge, fruit and a drink and it tasted lovely. We could have stayed in cheaper places and there are hostels in London that you can use if you are on more of the budget, but this suited us well!

Explored: We decided to walk from Tower Bridge into the centre which is a lovely walk. The great thing about London is you can walk and see so much for free. We passed The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s, Millennium Bridge and the Tate.

Once we arrived at Hyde Park we decided to rent the “Boris Bikes” to explore the park. This was really cheap costing only £2 for 24 hours. They are hard to ride at first and my brakes were temperamental! It was so much fun though, we rode around the outside of St James’s Park stopping to take in the views of the lake and for a coffee as it was getting cold. While we were cycling back to the start the heavens opened and we got drenched, not just a little wet I mean we were soaked to the skin. So we walked down Oxford Street and into Primark dripping wet. The time for a coat was around two hours ago but we would be prepared for tomorrow.

We also explored the Great Fire of London Monument. This is a brilliant way to see the city from up high without having to pay to go up The Shard or try and get tickets for the Sky Garden. The best part is you get a view of these buildings. First though you have to climb the 311 steps to get to the top and they are lighthouse style, winding stairs that get you dizzy. It is totally worth the climb though and if you go early in the day it is quiet.

Food and Drink: So first things first a pint! We headed to a Brewdog bar for a few beers first. Beers are always going to be on the pricey side in London so you just have to pick a nice place to enjoy you time! Brewdog had it all, beers made on sight, taster menus, beers for everyone’s taste and games. This is a great place to bring a group of mates. We loved playing shuffleboard while drinking our pints.

Another place we visited for food was called Bao, located in Soho. These little parcels of goodness are so good and we highly recommend this place. We then had to take shelter in a bus stop from the rain and it was in front of this Doughnut shop… it must have been fate! The doughnuts were the size of your head and the flavours were amazing.

Best place for food of the weekend though had to be MOD pizza, in Leicester Square. Think Subway sandwich… but with pizza. You order your base, sauce and can put as many toppings as you like for a set price. They then cook your pizza and call you when it’s ready. These pizzas were amazing and we can’t wait to go back. It’s also a quick and easy place to grab a bite to eat. Don’t be put off by the location also, despite being in Leicester Square the pizzas cost between £4-£10 depending on the size. Bargain!

Cocktails: Arranged by a friend of ours, we visited a secretive bar called Cahoots, it was a great place set in the 1940s, we had amazing unique cocktails here and sat back and drank in the War time themes and music. This place is tucked away in Kingly Court, Soho. It is a little tricky to find and there can be a wait to get in, but it’s definitely worth it.

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