Date: 27th October – 30th October 2018

Who: So there is three of us in our best mates circle, we do everything together and pretty much laugh our way through holidays and trips out. Our main aim is to not kill each other when we spend a couple of nights together as we are all rather  argumentative and just take the mick out of  each other. We have known each other from school which probably puts our friendship at around 16 years. So this year we all turner 30 and made a big deal out if it by going away for weekends. This was Kayleigh’s 30th birthday surprise.

Stayed: We booked an Airbnb for the three nights. We stayed in a lovely apartment on Waterloo road. It was only around a mile from the beach front. It was lovely and warm and had two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room. It was perfect for our three night and came up rather cheap at £238 for three night for three people.

Explored: We wanted to see as much as possible in this short weekend and we did fit a lot into our days. Here are some of the things that we did. We started with a trip up the Blackpool Tower. This was so much better then I thought it would be for some reason. I thought it was going to be over hyped. Nope! It was great fun. It was really busy and we had to queue for a while to get into the lift. But the queue was totally immersive and told you about the history of the tower. They even had a 4D experience of the tower being built. So we got into the lift and travelled 380 feet upwards. The first thing we saw was the glass floor. I love anything from up high and enjoyed the view of the people walking below. A very cool place for photographs. You get a view of the Irish Sea and Blackpool Promenade. On a really clear day you can see Liverpool and the Isle of Man! At the top there was a bar which of course we hit. Again great picture opportunity. We then climbed the stairs to go up some more as the sun was setting!

We decided to buy the Tower and Madame Tussauds tickets together as it made it cheaper. I did this online and just downloaded the code onto my phone, simple. So the next place we decided to go was Madame Tussauds, this place was amazing and we laughed all the way around. The mixture of waxworks was good. Our highlight had to be drinking a pint in the Rovers Return next to Ken and Deidre. Very bizarre but totally worth it. It was far better than the one in London in my opinion and another must do while in Blackpool.

A trip to Blackpool is not complete without going to Pleasure Beach. We went to spend the day in the park. It is expensive but once you get over that it is a fun place to be. We decided to go on all the big rides and there are a few of them. It was time to hit the Pepsi Max which was the longest queue of the day. I thought we were going to die on that ride. I can tick it off the bucket list but will not ride this again! It was rough and threw you around the place and just didn’t feel safe. We know it obviously is safe but we saw our life flash before our eyes. Our favourite ride of the day was the Carousel at the end which no lie went at what felt like 30mph.

Halloween in Blackpool, so we decided to dress up for our night out. So much fun, we obviously put a lot of gin away getting ready. This was lucky as it was so bloody cold outside and I decided to wear a mesh jumpsuit. We got into the centre and went to some of the bars along the front. We also went in a horror maze which was scary but hilarious all at the same time. At one point I was hugging the bloke in front of us for dear life. Another must do with your friends just for the laughs once you get through it.

When you are in Blackpool you have to see it at night lit up. We decided to go on the big wheel on one of the piers which gave you a great view of the tower. They also have the Blackpool Illuminations at this time of year where they project onto the buildings making them look like they are dancing. We were also lucky enough to watch the fireworks.

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