Travel Day HELL!!

Date: 22nd December – 5th January

Where: Caribbean Cruise with P&O, calling at Barbados, St Martin, St Lucia, Dominica, St Kitts, Curacao, Grenada, Antigua and Bonaire. Hitting up 7 new islands, as we have already been to St Lucia and St Martin. It would also be our first Christmas away from family.

We booked this cruise back in the summer directly with P&O online. We decided on an inside room as we would only be using it for sleeping and choose flights from London Gatwick.

Pre Travel Day: So we drove down to London Gatwick on the Friday after work. We were so stressed as this week Gatwick had been closed for over 24 hours due to some complete prat flying a drone over the airport. So many holidays had been cancelled and people’s Christmas ruined. We had our fingers crossed that we would just be delayed. Driving down on Friday we get a text alert at 5 pm saying Gatwick was closed again due to the drone again appearing. Our anxiety was through the roof, we thought we would never catch our flight. Luckily it was only closed for half an hour and then reopened. We stayed at the Bloc hotel which is inside the airport south terminal. The hotel was nice and just what you need before a travel day, it had everything we needed. Although we had to change rooms due to the electric going off on our floor… We didn’t seem to be having much luck. So we went to sleep and prayed for our flight to be there tomorrow!

Travel Day: So the travel day arrived and we were so nervous. We went on a little tram across to the North Terminal and checked in at 6am. Our flight was already delayed. We were meant to be taking off at 9:55 but instead were taking off at 4.30 pm… bugger! They gave us a £15 voucher each to use on food and drink within the terminal, that’s where the long wait began. We never really realised how small the airport is, spending just over 10 hours in it made it seem tiny. We read, listened to music, had food, had snacks and still the time was going so slowly. Finally at 4 pm our gate was called and we were in the air just after 5 pm. We were very lucky to book our travel with P&O as the whole flight was going to the ship. Which meant the ship waited for us! We were finally in the air, it was time to relax. We arrived in Bridgetown, Barbados and were escorted off the plane and straight onto waiting coaches. It was around a 40 minute drive to port where check in was easy and we were finally on board some 20 hours after our day started!

Our Room: Our room was right to the back of the ship on deck 14. We liked the location as we were nearly at the end it meant the corridor was quiet. We were close to the lifts and stairs which made it a little easier to navigate the ship. Our room was perfect for what we needed. We had a double bed, side tables, a desk, TV, shower and a wardrobe which had plenty of storage for all our clothes and suitcases.

Tradition: So when we are on a cruise we have to first go and get a cocktail and just walk around the ship a little. We went to the Crows Nest for a gin and then just walked on the top deck. It was soon after we were falling asleep and called it a night. The good news was because of all the delays in Gatwick it meant we were having another day in Barbados. YAY!!!

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