Turtles in Barbados


23rd of December 2018 & 4th January 2019

Exploring Day 1

We were meant to have today at sea, because everyone was delayed and held up at Gatwick airport from that bloody drone! P&O had managed to give us another day in Barbados! This was good news as we love to explore the islands. We didn’t book anything as we had high tea at 3 pm. We disembarked for the first time this cruise and the weather was lovely. Sunny and hot. The view of the ship from the port was amazing. Such a massive and beautiful ship.

We decided to take a walk around the town and see what we could find. We walked into the centre along the sea, which was so blue. It is a lovely walk and so easy to do, so ignore the taxis when you get off the ship. We went through a part where there were loads of Christmas Trees. It was so strange looking at Christmas Trees in nearly thirty degree heat! They had a tree for each country in the Commonwealth. School children had designed and made the tree decorations. We looked at all the different trees and finally found the UK one, which had red phone boxes on.

By this time we were hot and in need of a beer. We found this bar which was under a cover, thank god as it poured down for around 10 minutes. We tried beers that were brewed in Barbados and of course the rum punch. Rum punch in the Caribbean is life, so strong and refreshing. It’s a tradition for us to have a beer and rum punch on every island in the Caribbean while on a cruise. It was then time to walk back to the ship and get ready for high tea.

Shore Excursion Day 2

We booked an excursion for our second day in Barbados. We booked it through Viator and it was so good. We wandered if we would be lucky enough to see the turtles and really hoped so. It was something we had been talking about since booking the trip. We went to this beautiful beach with white powdered sand and turquoise blue seas. We enjoyed a rum punch on arrival and then went straight onto a boat ready to go snorkelling.

The first stop was to swim with the turtles. Moment of truth, will we see one? The good thing about this tour is they remind you and tell you not to touch or swim after the turtles as they need their space and we don’t want to scare them. So we put on our life vest and snorkels and went into the warm waters. Literally as soon as we got into the water, there was a turtle swimming around the boat. Amazing views! They looked so free and happy and loved just swimming around. Our dream had come true we managed to see the turtles in Barbados. The second stop off was to explore a shipwreck, which again was amazing. the ship was massive and it had schools of fish swimming all around it. Mike then had a few goes down the water slide off the back of the boat. Look at the video to see that!

We then got dropped at the beach where we had beach chairs waiting for us. Perfect! Of course we had to have a few beers and rum cocktails. It was boiling hot for the whole afternoon, the waters were bright blue and so warm. We didn’t want to leave!


Our first day we had breakfast in bed. You can order your breakfast on a card in your room. There is a list of all the things on offer that you just tick. So we decided on pastries, fruit, yogurt and smoothies. All delicious. Nothing better than starting your holiday with breakfast in bed.

In the restaurant on day 1 the Titanic theme tune was playing, don’t know what I think about that… seems as we hadn’t even set sail yet. The food in the restaurant was on point as always. We had 3 courses and the food was amazing.

We went to the Epicurean for afternoon tea. We also did this on the Azura a few years ago and it lived up to what we remember. It is a total experience dining here and worth the extra cash. They start you off by closing your eyes as they spray a scent to wake up your taste buds. We decided to have champagne with it and a cup of fruit tea. We tasted smoked salmon and dill, roast beef brioche, cheese eclair, exotic pop cake, dark chocolate tear drop, summer berries and meringue, orange infused almond cake and lemon scented scones. All were to die for!

Steps Today According to Fitbit: 18,219

Miles Today According to Fitbit: 9.07

Miles All Together: 13.26

Important Question?

I feel like there is a theme with the important question over the course of the cruise. Swimming with turtles was totally worth it mainly because we did see some. The shipwreck was also really cool. You have to try the afternoon tea at the Epicurean no matter what P&O ship you are on. Totally worth the price and the food is mouthwatering. It is something that we talk about a lot.

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