Date: 24th December 2018

Where we Explored: We did the Dominica by land and sea tour through P&O Excursions. This would be the only excursion of the whole holiday that we did through the cruise liner. We went down to the Gangway and walked over to the the port to find our tour. It is really easy to find your tour guide if you booked through the ship as they will be holding up boards with the excursion name and the P&O badge.

We got into a Mini bus and drove out to Scott’s Head. The scenery was amazing and the island is beautiful. So lush and green you were really in the middle of the jungle. We stopped at a view point to look at the island from above. We went past places that were used in the filming of The Pirates of the Caribbean films. The only sad thing about this island was the destruction from the recent hurricane. Houses, businesses and lives just gone. We went past large gaps in the scenery and our guide would say there used to be a house there, the shear amount of water had washed them away. It was so sad. Although their was devastation everywhere you looked the people were all very optimistic and still going about their lives as normal.

Once we got to Scott’s Head we walked up a hill. Totally worth it though for the views of Dominica and the sea. Scott’s Head used to work as a Fortress and their was a cannon still there. The view is spectacular and you get a real sense of the jungle with the all the greens and the blues from the sea.

We then walked down the hill and round to the snorkelling point. Soufriere Scott’s Head Marine Reserve is a really popular snorkel and dive location, and we could see why. The water was crystal clear! We managed to see different coral and a few different fishes. We listened to the guides description of where we were and what was beneath. The most spectacular thing was the drop off point. I’d only heard this term from the film Finding Nimo! It was amazing to see the different shades of blue it changed suddenly from turquoise to a deep dark blue. It looked a little like a cliff edge in the see.

The next place we visited was a chocolate and rum factory. This small yet unique place was really nice. We were not there for very long but got to taste the cheese buns, dark chocolate and rum. All tasted amazing especially the chocolate. We also tried cocktails where they mixed rum with sorrel which tasted nice. On the way back to the port we stopped at a lookout point where we could see the massive ship docked.

Back Aboard: Once back aboard we wanted to watch the sail away and the Christmas Eve Party. The sunset amazing tonight! The pictures don’t do it justice and it’s one of those occasions that you have to see for yourself. Then it was the Christmas Eve Party. They reserved a viewing deck for the children’s club which I found really cute. It meant they were in the prime position to see the magic. All of a sudden the Captain came on the speakers and said to look in the sky for a suspicious object followed by the sound of bells. When we looked up we could see the P&O drone out getting in on the actions. Then there was another announcement that Father Christmas had arrived. He was stood on top of the ship talking to all the children. The kids faces is something I will never forget, they were so excited. Then just like that he left. We’d been left a pot of biscuits each in our room as a present.

We then went to watch the headliners perform Jingle All Away which had all of your favourite Christmas Tunes. It did feel like Christmas which I didn’t know if it would. It was a very different feeling but was still filled with magic and love.

Food: We had breakfast at the Horizons restaurant where we had a combination of pastries, toast, eggs, porridge and fruit. The breakfast aboard was amazing and we made sure we filled up so we wouldn’t have to waste money and time ashore eating.

Once we had finished with our excursion we looked around the markets and then found a bar where of course we had to have a beer and rum cocktail. This bar was 100% a tourist trap it cost us $20 for two rum punches which seemed really steep. However it was one of the only options at the port and the town was so busy because it was Christmas Eve. The cocktails were good and as usual very strong.

Lunch: We had a late lunch at the Horizons Buffet. If possible we tried to do this every day. The salad selection was always on point and so so tasty. We literally had salad everyday as there were always new option to try.

Dinner was at the Peninsular Restaurant where we had french onion soup, lentil pie, bread and butter pudding, pate, lasagne and Christmas Eve Sundae. Food was amazing as it always was. We then headed for the Crows Nest to have a flight each before bed in our matching PJ’s. We had a rum and gin flight which is served with mixers and garnishes. They were yummy!

Steps today according to Fitbit: 13,714

Miles today according to Fitbit: 6.95

Miles all together : 20.21

Floors according to Fitbit: 65

Important Question: Absolutely, I mean you could probably find a cheaper excursion if you looked around. The P&O excursion just took our fancy. A trip to Dominica is worth it for the breathtaking views and positive attitude of the islanders. The only part that was a let down was the size of the group snorkelling. I felt like I couldn’t swim properly as it was too cramped. It would have been nicer with a smaller group.

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