Christmas Day and New Years Eve 2018

Christmas Day

Nadolig Llawen! Our first Christmas away from home and it was so stange to have it in the heat. We are so used to a cold and grey Christmas watching hours of TV. This was totally different… but in a good way. Today was our first day at sea. We spent the day on the top deck in the adults only area. Today was a day to chill out by the pool. We had a glass of bucks fizz which was given free on Christmas morning. We read our books, chatted and listened to music. We also had a few cocktails. Most chilled out Christmas ever, it just felt like a normal day… but with Wham! or Mariah Carey in the background.

This evening was tuxedo night, the whole ship went all out in dressing up smart. I don’t know where they have the room in their suitcases! Formal nights are also great for people watching, so take a seat and just look around you. Our dinner worked in a different way this evening where we had a time slot. We had a choice of two times which were 5:45 pm and 8:30 pm. We went for the first time slot as eight thirty is a little late! We were rather anxious about Christmas dinner and whether it was going to be any good. Of course there was no need to worry at all and it was as amazing.


For breakfast we went to the Horizions buffet for breakfast. I had the same as every other morning so far with porridge, pastries and fruit. Mike went for the full English breakfast… well it is Christmas day.

We also had our lunch at Horizons buffet where we also had the same as every day! Loads of salad! The salad on the ship was so tasty. They also had small cakes that had Merry Christmas written on them, so of course they were eaten.

Chrisatmas Dinner at the restaurant was amazing. We ordered prawns, soup, gin and tonic sorbet, full Christmas Dinner, ginger custard tart, cheese, mince pies and a bottle of wine. We ate far too much and decided to go to bed early and chill out.

New Years Eve

We were so tired after the last few days of early start getting out and exploring the islands. This morning we had a lay in and it was lovely. We spent the day lazing around and exploring the ship a little more.

It was formal night again and everyone had gone all out, including us! Our New Years Eve dinner followed the same pattern as Christmas Day. It was decorated again in black and silver with party poppers and party hats. Once we had food we headed to Broadies Bar to see in the UK new year. So we managed to have two celebrations in one night. We counted down with our Great Britain flags. The entertainment team were on point with their music choices and the bar was very busy so be warned you need to get their early if you want a seat and a drink to bring in the new year.

Once midnight was done in the UK we spent the next hour in the Crow’s nest, our favourite gin place. It is so chilled out in here and they had the pianist playing some great tunes. The menu here is also huge and has something for everyone. We drank our martinis while looking at all the fancy clothes around us. It was a nice chilled hour before hitting the deck party.

We then headed to Deck 19 to see in the new years. The entertainment team were again brilliant and played the right songs to get everyone singing and dancing. We bought a bottle of prosecco to have for new years. Deck 19 was the best spot to watch the party as it was quieter and you had such a great view of the whole deck. It was a little windy but so much fun. Just before new year the staff all came out and then it was time to countdown as a ship. At the strike of midnight loads of people jumped into the pool… whilst fully clothed in their tuxedos and ball dresses. One of the best new years I have had! The best part was still to come, the Captain sounding the horn. That made my night!

Steps according to Fitbit: 10,651

Miles today according to Fitbit: 5.3

Miles all together according to Fitbit: 61

Important Question: YES! Totally worth it. It was a chilled out day followed by an amazing party. Everyone was in such a good place and the atmosphere was amazing. People were singing, dancing and having so much fun!

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