Drunkenness in Saint Martin!

Date: 26th December 2018

We have been to this island before and decided that this time we will do it the local way rather than pay money for someone to show us to a beach. It was a busy day at port as there were 8 cruise ships docked… and it felt it! There were so many people waiting at the port for their organised tours. We walked straight past them and decided to get the water taxi over to Philipsburg. It costs $7 per person for all day riding, it was a easy ride over to Philipsburg with the bluest of waters. It was a boiling hot day already but Philipsburg was lovely with a strip of beach with chairs and shops, bars and restaurants to choose from.

We decided to then head to Maho beach ready for the large planes that arrive around lunch time. This time we caught a local bus to Maho Beach for $2 each way. You catch the bus from Back Street where there will be mini vans with bus as number plates, just hail one down that shows where you want to go at the front. Easy! Is seemed to be $2 no matter where you wanted to go. The buses were comfortable and had air condition. It was also rather fast in getting to Maho Beach. They drop you at the roundabout and you walk onto the beach from there. To get back you wait for a bus on the other side of the road. Maho beach was just as crazy as I remember. If you want a quiet beach day, do not pick this one. This beach is for plane spotting and sinking beers while you do it. We saw a large plane land and a few smaller ones. The sunset bar is one of the best places to watch from with a cold beer. We then watched a large plane take off the and sand storm it started was so big it actually knocked people off their feet.

We then caught the bus back to Philipsburg which again was really easy and cheap. Once back in Philipsburg we walked around the Front Street and Back Street looking in the different shops. We then headed towards the front where all the bars were. The bars are really competitive and so cheap. We were drinking 6 bottles of Carib for $10 and rum punch for $4. As always the rum punch was so refreshing… but really strong. There is only one rum that you need to try on this island and that is the Guava Berry rum. It is so tasty and sweet and tastes amazing as a rum punch. We got the water taxi back to the port and went to the bars here. We popped back onto the ship for a quick lunch in the Horizon buffet. We then went back off the ship for more rum punch! Looking back this was probably the worst decision as I was nearly sick getting back on the ship and had such bad heart burn! Definitely worth it though!

Once we were back on ship I headed for the ice cream station. You can pick from so many flavours and top it with anything. It was hard to decide what to have. We had way to much sun and booze and decided that we would have to go for a nap before heading for tea. It was probably the best nap of the cruise but it made eating our evening meal so much harder. All we wanted to do was stay in bed!

Food: We had booked Shindu for tea as we had such a good experience aboard the Azura a few years ago. We had prawns, trio (beef madras, chicken korma, salmon jalfrezi), rice, dahl, chickpea dumplins, sorbet (yuk) and bread and butter pudding. It all tasted lovely and we did enjoy, however we felt the menu on the Azura was far better and the choice was more unique. Straight after tea guess what we did, went to bed. Goodnight!

Steps today according to Fitbit: 14,548

Miles walked today according to Fitbit: 7.24

Miles walked so far this holiday: 32

Important Question: This island is worth the visit and we love it here. You can have a little bit of everything from relaxing on the beach, adventure and exploring. We will always love the vibe on this island which is calm and relaxing. Of course we will also always be a fan of the Guava Berry Rum!

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