Beauty of St Kitts

Date: 27th December 2018

Shore Excursion: We booked our tour through Rose and Jim’s Tours. They were easy to book and contact. They replied in plenty of time with detailed instructions on where to meet them while we were in port. The weather was great today it was hot and a little windy. As we walked into the port there were many shops and bars in the area. Though there were a few men holding monkeys dressed up and in nappies which made us a bit sad. People exploit the monkeys by making them sit on tourists for photographs in exchange for money. Do not do this as you don’t know how the monkeys are treated, the monkeys are native to the island and we sure know they shouldn’t be used for the tourists! The monkeys were brought to the islands from Africa by the French, and they either escaped or were set free some time in the late 17th century.

Rose and Jim were there waiting for the two tour groups to arrive and gave us a wristband. There was us and a family of 4 on the tour which was great. This is one thing that is much better then booking straight through the cruise company, that you usually get smaller groups! When booking through the ship you can expect coaches of up to 50 people. This means you have to wait for everyone to be aboard. Not the case if there are only 6 of you! Jim was a great tour guide and had so much knowledge for his country and you could tell he was happy and proud to be living the island life. He told us that traffic lights were new to the island in the last 6 months and people were still getting used to them, this made for an interest drive! But the mini van was comfortable and had air conditioning.

Our first stop was Romney Manor for a small walk around. This cost a few dollars to go inside and was beautiful. Here they make textiles using wax to create exotic patterns. The silk scarves were so amazing and there was so much detail included. We watched them make these for a while which was a great skill to have. We then took in the sights of the gardens which were full of colourful flowers. You could view the jungle from one side and the ocean from the other. They also had a viewpoint overlooking the jungle which looked so lush and green.

Our next stop was Brimstone Hill Fort which we payed around $20 each to go inside. I totally forgot that these things were not included in our tour price and therefore we now only had a dollar left for the day! Massive mistake on my part as it meant we were unable to buy anything… including water. It was so hot. Watch the Youtube video, linked above, to see how much Mike moaned about this!

The fortress is an UNESCO world heritage sight. We do love a fort or castle where ever we are in the world. This fort was huge with some amazing views, cannons and flags. You have to walk up steps to get to the top of the fort which has some of the best views. Throughout the fort you see jungle one side and the ocean the other. It was breathtaking at the top and there were so many photo opportunities.

Our last spot of the tour was Cockleshell Beach, we were glad to get into the water to cool off. Once here I could not remember the reason for wanting to visit. It is by far not the best beach and some of it was a little dirty. Their wasn’t much sand and the sea was very rocky. It didn’t help that we had no cash for the two hours we spent here in the sun! We then drove back to the port. The drive to and from Cockleshell Beach is beautiful with views of the island and all the beaches.

Food: Breakfast at horizons where we ate the usual pastries, porridge and fruit. We loved breakfast on the ship and had the same most days! For lunch we also ate at the Horizons buffet as we had no money for food on the island. We also had the usual of salads. We then went to the Crows nest for flights of gin as we watched the ship leave. The flights were amazing. Why have one gin when you can have three! They come with the mixer and different garnishes. We watched the sun go down and the ship leave the port. For dinner in the restaurant we had prawn cocktail, steak, forest fruit sundae, tomato soup, fish and chips, carrot cake cheesecake. All were amazing as always.

Tonight it was tux night so we were all dressed up. Every night when we got ready for the evening there was always a small amount of time where we would brace for where we forgot to put sun cream on. Tonight was my turn as I burned my hands…just my hands with a clear line across my wrists where the burn stopped. Great. The problem I have is I can only use piz buin as I suffer from heat rash. This sun cream isn’t waterproof which isn’t ideal. The show tonight was Once Upon a Time which was lovely to watch with all the singing and dancing. We then had a sad announcement that we will not be stopping at Antigua tomorrow due to the weather and wind. But instead we will be going to Martinique. Gutted, as we were so looking forward to our beach day there! I guess it’s an excuse to come back to the Caribbean!

Steps Today According to Fitbit: 16, 932

Miles Today According to Fitbit: 8.43

Miles so far this trip: 40

Important Question: Absolutely worth it. We loved the island for its breathtaking beauty of jungle meeting Ocean. The views had all the shades of blues and greens which made every photo look like a postcard. The fortress is worth the extra money for the amazing views from the top. We fell in love with yet another Caribbean island. That list seems to be getting longer by the day.

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