Beach Day on Grenada


30th December 2018


We didn’t have anything booked for this island, we wanted to leave at least one island free in case we were really tired or missed out on something on one of the other islands. We were in desperate need of a beach day as we had missed stopping in Antigua due to the windy weather. If you know us you will know we can only cope with one beach day in a two week period… we get bored! However, we just wanted to chill out. So we decided to make this our beach day.

We got a water taxi from port to Grand Anse Beach. This was a very interesting boat ride, the boat was tiny and the captain kept saying I can fit more people on board. Can you REALLY though?? The ride over to the beach was bumpy and wet but still fun. It was also an absolute steal at $10 return per person. When you get off the boat people will be throwing themselves at you to go to their area for loungers, along with the ship captain on the way over telling you which ones to go to. We decided to go with the first reasonable price and managed to get loungers, umbrellas and wifi for $20 for the day. We had lounger service too for drinks and food. We decided to share fries for lunch and then drank buckets of beers and cocktails for a fairly decent price. It wasn’t the cheapest but as this is place was made for tourists and your orders are brought to you, it’s not too bad.

It was a lovely beach with a lot of water sports on offer. We spent most of the day in the shade as it was so hot and we both burn rather easily! We did have a blow up toucan that was so much fun to get on and a lot harder than it looked! (This was obviously where we had burned). Oh God did we burn, absolutely everywhere! Once we had enough we caught the boat back to the port. On this trip one of the crew was asking everyone for their towels… to keep… very strange.


Once back onto the boat we decided to shower and go for something to eat. Food as always was amazing. We then went to the sunset bar for a cocktail and watch sail away. The sun was setting and the island looked stunning in the background.

The show this evening was called Astonishing by Steven Mulhern. It was a good family magic show with dancing and singing. There was a cool moment where we all had gold envelopes with cards in. As an audience we had to follow instructions for a card trick. Steven gave the instructions and then guessed the card. That was pretty… astonishing. After the show we decided to play shuffle board, which we love to do when on a cruise. It was then time for bed with lots of after sun cream!

Steps Today According to Fitbit: 6,793

Miles Walked Today: 3.38 (that’s a lazy day for us!)

Miles Walked All Together: 56

Important Question

We really enjoyed our time on the beach. If we were to go back to the same island in the future we would explore more. Though it was just what we needed after exploring so many islands over the last week. It was nice just to chill out and spend time together.

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