1st January 2019


We didn’t have a plan for today. We went to the excursions team on the boat but all the ones we were interested in were fully booked! So instead we decided to walk out to the port and find something to do. There was a tent saying Tours and Excursions. Highly recommend going here. Very easy. All tours were the same price and went to the same places. $20 for a tour of the city and then onto a beach, just make sure you go to the right language tour!

There was a huge bridge on the island that you could see for miles away, so big that the cruise ships pass under it! We drove over the bridge which had the perfect view of the port and our ship. The tour was great, the tour guides were amazing and loved their job. They were so much fun and pulled jokes with each other and the rest of the bus. At one point the driver stopped at a shop and bought a case of beers which he handed around the bus. Legend! There was a section of the island that had really brightly coloured buildings. It looked exactly like Amsterdam. There was a moving bridge for when cruise ships and boats want to enter. It was instead of a draw bridge, different coloured flags show how long the bridge is open for. The first part of the tour was exploring the town centre and driving out towards the beach.

The next stop was Curacao distillery where the famous blue drink is made. We walked through the small museum about the drink and how it is made. Interestingly they make the drink in many different colours and flavours. The blue is obviously the most popular. We tried a few different tasting ones, Mike really liked the coffee ones. At the end of the museum there is a bar where they sell cocktails with the drink in it. Of course there was a shop at the end.

After the distillery we headed to the beach area. It was $3 to get into the area and included different resorts, restaurant, bars and wifi. It was a groovy place with something for every budget. We saw beach loungers from $20 -$100. There was a posh place at the end which was charging an extortionate amount of money for their loungers. The sea was lovely and had a natural barrier of rocks. There is also an inflatable assault course for the kids. We loved spending time here but it does get very busy. It would be a cool place to hang out at night with a group of friends. It was super hot on the beach, we then caught the bus back to the port. The ship was docked until 9pm, so we did a quick change and went for some drinks.

So we walked over to Rif Fort which was a really nice place to get a few drinks or some food. There was loads of security around and it felt really safe. The shops are cute and sell all kinds of unique things. We stopped for ice cream, which was amazing. They made their own warm waffle cones and had some of the best flavours. They had to keep closing the shop as the air con wasn’t keeping it cold enough and the ice cream kept melting. We then returned to the port where there were pop up bars playing music. This place was a cool little area where you could relax and have a good time. The drinks were cheap and strong. We sat here for a few hours drinking and listening to the waves crash against the port. It was a great view to have the ship in the background. The area was bouncing as all aboard wasn’t until 9pm.


Food – Breakfast at horizons Lunch was nachos and chicken pesto panini and Tea we ate at the buffet (as we were a little drunk!)

Ice cream – rocky road and raspberry and white chocolate in a homemade waffle (very nice but $8 an ice cream is a bit much)

Steps according to Fitbit: 11,208

Miles according to Fitbit: 5.58

Miles all together according to Fitbit: 66

Important Question: Yes! Today was another good day. We toured the island and had some beach time. The best part was the port at night. It was nice to be able to spend evening off the ship as it only happened this one night really. We loved the cocktails and music and everyone was having such a good time.

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