Day 2 – Beach and Feast – Bali


We met the TUI rep this morning, he was lovely and helped us sort out a private driver to get to Ubud and also told us of the companies to use to get to Gili Air. He was nice and not too pushy to buy the TUI excursions as he knew we had already planed most of our trip. We’ve never really had a holiday rep, but he was very helpful and knowledgeable.

After meeting our rep and having breakfast we had an hours nap as the jet lag was kicking us big time. We have never suffered with jet lag like it. I didn’t know what time of day it was, what meal my body needed. It was a cross between being hungover and concussion.

Kuta Beach – After Brunch we walked along the beach all the way up to Double Six Beach. The weather was so nice, it was a lot hotter then we thought though as it was really windy…sun burn central! We walked along the beach with our feet in the water. We watched the surfers and the crashing waves. There were a few occasions where we got caught out by a big wave, getting absolutely soaked. Kuta Beach was so busy, though the further we walked away from Kuta the quieter it got and the nicer. Along the beach there are bars in small shacks with a load of bean bags out front. We decided to stop at Champlung bar for a couple of Bintangs and to watch the world go by. It was such a chilled place to watch the sun go down. The sunsets here are breathtaking, with such vibrant colours. We spent a great day just relaxing and walking across the beaches and taking in the atmosphere.

Jet lag was setting in and fast. When we got back from the beach it was around 7pm and we were both ready for bed! We knew we had to eat though and stay up if we wanted to get used to the new time. So we headed off for food and then came back and crashed into bed!

Food and Drink

Breakfast – We had breakfast in the hotel as it was included and we were a little jet lagged from the massive travel day. The breakfast was nice with a choice of eggs, pancakes, noodles, rice and pastries. It was all fresh and tasted good great. Very good for a hotel buffet breakfast.

Brunch – We got a Blue Bird Taxi, as arranged by our hotel reception, to the Sheraton Hotel in Kuta for the Market Brunch at Feast. This is one of the best buffet restaurants we have been to in a long time. The service was great and the food cooked to order. We started with the drinks menu, originally we planned to have the bottomless alcoholic drinks but once we were there we felt so jet lagged we stuck to soft drinks. The soft drinks were unlimited and there was a great selection. We had iced tea, coke and juices. The watermelon and mint juice was amazing and freshly made. To start our meal we had cheese, breads and shell on prawns followed by dim sum and red snapper. There is also a BBQ fired up outside, where you get to choose your fish, grilled to order, this was so tasty. I had clams, lobster and snapper and all were fresh and delicious. However… they asked if I wanted a dipping sauce, “spicy or mild” so I asked for mild, one dip of my fish and it nearly blew my head off! It was so so spicy, the Bali spice pallet was going to take a bit of getting used to! They also had a cook to order stir fry, soup, pasta and nasi goreng stations. Then there was the desserts which was so well presented. There were whole cakes, macaroons, a chocolate fountain and cake pops. Everything we ate was amazing and we highly recommend coming here for brunch, if you’re in a drinking mood too they didn’t appear to be stingy with the pouring! An excellent part to the meal, at the end you get a cotton tote bag and up to 1 kg of fresh fruit and veg to take home! We picked up some papaya and melon to eat on the beach.

Dinner – We were so so jet lagged we really couldn’t be bothered to go out. However we knew if went to sleep we would be up at 3am starving. So we headed out somewhere close. We came across Naughty Nuri’s which was absolutely heaving. We decided to wait for a table and were so glad we did. The food was super tasty. We got veggie burgers with mac n cheese, truffle oil fries and a couple of Bintangs. It is a very touristy spot, but at that point in time it was just what we needed to get through the jet lag! On the way home we stopped at Paletas Wey Ice Cream. I could eat one of them right now.

Important Question

First impressions of Bali! Well it is chaos, I have never witnessed traffic like it. There doesn’t seem to be any road rules except for go, go, go! It’s not the easiest place to walk around as people drive their scooters on the pavement… when there is a pavement. The junctions are madness, there is a traffic police blowing whistles and moving arms, but it seems to do nothing. It’s something you just have to experience. The choice of food is amazing and we can’t wait to try even more of it! Everything is really affordable and the people we have met are really friendly.

We are excited to see what the rest of the trip has in store for us!

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