Day 3 – Beach Clubs and Smoothie Bowls – Bali


For the first time in all our travel jet lag kicked in good and proper. The only thing I can compare it to is a combination of a hangover, flu and falling down some stairs. Nothing we did made us feel any less tired, we were in need of our bed! Something we will take into consideration when we fly East again. So we got up and chilled out for the morning in the room, making sure we didn’t need any more sleep. Then we went to Kynd, somewhere we have been dreaming about since we booked our trip. We had researched and already had a list of what we wanted to try.

Beach Clubs – Once we had filled our bellies we decided to walk through a couple of beach clubs and just take it easy. It was really hot weather and perfect for dipping our feet in the sea. Before we get onto beach clubs, we are not really people who spend the whole day in one place especially if it is a beach. Don’t get me wrong the setting is beautiful and the interior of these clubs were outstanding. It’s just not really our thing. However, if we came with friends and wanted to have some drinks we would be there! In the beach clubs in Bali you pay to book a section/seat you want to sit in, that money then goes onto a bar tab to spend how you want. So we walked to Potato Head, one of the mos popular on the island. The detail of this place on the outside was amazing. You get a lift on a golf cart from the road to the door and then go through a strict security check. It is very unique with lots of wood and even a wall made of flip flops! Inside you have different sections you are able to sit at including a swim up bar. The vibe was completing chilled. It was nice that you were able to walk around and have a look before committing to renting, we’d recommend you go and have a look around before committing to buy!

You are able to enter/exit the beach club from the beach. We decided to do our favourite thing on a beach holiday and just walk along the beach with our feet in the ocean. The beach here was far quieter than in Kuta. The sound of the waves crashing was so relaxing. This section of the beach there was no swimming allowed as the waves seemed to come out of nowhere. Mike got caught out a few times, paddling where a wave nearly swept him out to sea, it was so funny! We stopped at Strawberry Fields where we drank Bintang and Strawberry Cocktails. Our pal, Mr. Jet Lag then hit us out of nowhere yet again. With the heat as well we were wiped out. So we walked back to the hotel and napped until tea time. Rock’n’Roll!

Food and Drink

Lunch – seems as we had missed breakfast we went to Kynd which is well worth the hype. The walls are a pale pink with sayings like ‘another day in paradise’. The pink is broken up with the deep greens of the leaves, plants and flowers. The place is airy with a kind of half in and half out approach. I can see why it is one of the most Instagramed places in Bali, it did not disappoint. It was so hard to choose as all the menu looked amazing. It made it even harder watching what other people were having. What we ate was amazing and we still dream about it to this day, I don’t think you could order anything bad. So we ordered the following:

  • Asian Persuasion – green tea soba noodles, asian greens, sprouts, carrots, cucumber, garden herbs, spring onions, seeds, toasted cashews, tofu, creamy dressing and asian crackers.
  • Ghandi Gourmet Toast – smashed pumpkin, basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, spring onions, garlic, rocket, sweet chilli
  • Berry Tropical Smoothie Bowl – dragon fruit blended with banana, mango, mixed berries, coconut water topped with house made granola, strawberries and banana.
  • Vitamin Me Juice – carrot, ginger and orange

Tea at Ling Lings – we wanted somewhere close for tea, thanks again to Mr. Jet Lag. We decided on this place because it had a massive robot out front… that’s literally what got our attention. We went in and got seated straight away. They have an offer on at certain times where you have to choose even or odd. They roll a dice and if you win, whatever drink you have ordered is given again for free. We played this a few times, every time we ordered a new drink. The food was also delicious. We shared some jack fruit bao and sushi. All was fresh and nicely serviced.

Important Question

We loved Bali life and could easily go back again. We really enjoyed our slow day walking around and spending time together. However the jet lag hit like a brick wall and once it came we could not shake it off. We went to bed hoping our bodies would know what time it was the next day.

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