Day 1 – Travel Day – Bali

The Flight

This would be our first time East and by far our longest flight at 17 hours. So we set off to Cardiff airport to fly with Qatar Airways. I know Cardiff! Our tradition for a holiday is to stay the night before with cheeses and beers in the hotel and then head to the airport lounge in the morning for gin! Not this time! As Cardiff was just down the road from where we lived we got dropped off at the airport and as the lounge had terrible reviews and it was very small… we decided on hitting a bar rather than a lounge.

We departed at 15.55 and arrived in Doha for our layover at around midnight. The first flight came and went, there were a lot of kids crying and screaming and the TV screens were not great. Doha is possibly the hottest place on the planet! It was 32 degrees… at midnight. The airport was also huge, we were not expecting to go through security again as it was a transfer, so that was a lovely surprise. We thought we were going to miss oue connecting flight, with security taking an age and our flight was not being displayed on any of the boards. We finally found the gate number after asking someone and running through the airport. We made it in the nick of time.

The second flight was much better. We got our sleep masks and neck pillows on and tried to sleep for the 10 hours. It was successful and we could not wait to get up and stretch. We finally arrived in Bali and we got through security and immigration with reletive ease and also found our driver quickly.


We found out TUI rep at the airport and he drove us up to our hotel. WOW! The roads were crazy, everyone who has been to Bali kept telling me the traffic is something else. You really have to be there to experience it. There doesn’t seem to be any rules and it is a free for all. There was a lot of beeping, lane hopping and driving fast. The motorbikes find a gap which I don’t believe is a gap. I spent the whole journey staring out of the window and gasping for breath, I had never seen anything like it. Out of nowhere you would see a family of 5 on one moped. This was going to take some time to get used to.

The Hotel

For the first time ever we booked all our holiday through a travel agent, TUI, and therefore had a base in Seminyak for the two weeks, even though we wouldn’t actually be staying there for the two weeks. It was great to have a base and leave out cases and stuff without having to pack up when we stayed in Ubud and Gili Air, so we just took a rucksack each.

We stayed at Swiss-Bell hotel Seminyak, check in was easy and the room was great. We had a big double bed, air conditioning, bathroom and a balcony overlooking a rice field. We quickly unpacked and headed out for our first meal.


We decided to eat in Nook which was soon to become our favourite place to eat in Bali. We ordered the following and shared;

  • Nasi Goreng (38K)
  • Tempeh Rendang (60k)
  • Two Large Bintangs (38k each)
  • Detox Juice which was ginger, carrot, beetroot and apple (35k)
  • Super Skin which was Orange, Cucumber and ginger (35k)

The food was really cheap and delicious. The food was so fresh and tasty. The best draw to this place though is its location. We sat at a table which looked out towards rice fields. It was dark so all we could hear were the frogs and crickets. Such a nice noise.

Important Question

Well it was the longest flight we have ever taken and we felt every hour. But i have a feeling it will be worth it.

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