We are the Drakeford family, who like to escape everyday routine and life for as many adventures as possible! We are husband and wife, Mike and Becky, both with full times jobs living in Wales, UK.

Our idea of a holiday is less relaxation and more exploration! We always try to cram as many countries/destinations into each trip. This usually makes our holidays more tiring than our day to day life!

I am the main planner of our travels and I usually entice my husband into booking holidays by talking about all the food we can try!

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and if you have any questions about the countries we have visited or if you’re planning to visit the UK feel free to contact us via the links below. If you like what you see please follow our blog and also follow us on social media for more photographs and updates on our trips!

We ask one important question. WAS IT WORTH IT?

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