Top 5 Tips for Venice

  Number 1 Get Lost This is the best thing you can do in Venice, it is made out of narrow streets and what feels like millions of bridges. Most of the bridges and streets look the same and it is very hard to find your way around. The best way to find your way... Continue Reading →

The Colosseum – Day 7

Date: 15th August 2014 What We Did: Today was the ultimate day of touristy things. Our first stop was The Colosseum, we stopped on the way in a bakery to grab pastries for breakfast. We left the room early in hope to beat the crowds and we already had our tickets so could walk straight... Continue Reading →

Arriving in Rome – Day 6

Date: 14th August 2014 What We Did: Today we were up early and back to the station to catch the train to Rome. We were so excited this is what the trip was planned for, The Colosseum and all the other tourist things to do and see in Rome. We arrived just after lunch and... Continue Reading →

Day to Explore Florence – Day 5

Date: 13th August 2014 What we Did: Today was our day to explore the city and we were so excited. We researched in the room where the "must see" areas were and went on our way. Our first stop was to look inside the Cathedral, we waited in line for ages and I was given a kind... Continue Reading →

Tuscany in One Day Sightseeing Tour – Day 4

Date: 12th August 2014 What We Did: Today was an early start and long walk to the train station to find our tour. We booked the tour through Viator which cost around £80. Money well spent as the day was brilliant! We got on the bus and drove out of Florence and towards Sienna. The views were... Continue Reading →

Train to Florence – Day 3

Date: 11th August 2014 What We Did: We woke up for another amazing breakfast in bed delivered to the room around 8am. We ate as we packed and then made our way to the train station. We were sad to leave our room as we had such good service and it was clean and comfortable.... Continue Reading →

Getting Lost in Venice – Day 2

Date:  10th August 2014 What We Did: We were woken up by a knock at the door around 8am. Mike got up to answer and came back in with a huge tray full of our breakfast goodies. We ate this and started to get ready. We decided not to take the map with us today.... Continue Reading →

Italy – Day 1

Back at the start of the year we said we were going to stay home this year, the honeymoon and wedding cost a lot and we needed to save more to travel again. However... we started to look at flights just to see and found really cheap flights to Italy. Well that was that we... Continue Reading →

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