Anniversary Celebration with Museums and Britney – Day 6

Date: 9th August 2017 The Morning After What a night! I think we went at it a little hard and forgot about the 9am tour at the Neon Lights Museum. It hurt to get up as we didn't get in until 5.30am and we had drank way to much. Kayleigh was in no fit state this... Continue Reading →

One Messy Day/Night Out in Vegas – Day 5

Date: 8th August 2017 We started the morning with pancakes from the IHop!. We knew we were going to need a good breakfast to last us through today. We were celebrating Kayleigh's birthday and had a few things plan ...most of which involved alcohol. Today was the day we had planned for our big night out... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Strip – Day 2

Date: 5th August 2017 Alien Hunting Kayleigh went on a tour booked through Viator which meant she was up and ready really early and back in the evening. It was a long drive to Area 51, one of the most secretive places on the planet. Kayleigh said the tour was awesome and there was only another... Continue Reading →

Las Vegas – Day 1

Date: 4th August 2017 This is a three week adventure, during which we will visit the very different playgrounds of Las Vegas followed by Walt Disney World. We would spend 6 nights in Las Vegas with a our mate Kayleigh then we would move to Orlando for 16 nights. We have planned for months and now it was here, we... Continue Reading →

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