Anonymous Bar and Beer Spa Prague

So these two things in Prague deserve their own post. These are the most unique things we have done on holiday and we loved every second. We did these both times we visited Prague and it is still what we talk about the most. Highly recommend you visit these, we will every time. Anonymous Bar... Continue Reading →

Our Second Visit to Prague

Dates: 28th October- 3rd November So we have been to Prague before and loved it so much we decided that we wanted to go back and this time take some of our friends. So we did all the things we did last time and more! In this blog I will touch on the new things we... Continue Reading →

Prague a Guide to Eating and Drinking

We ate and drank our way around Prague, drinking a lot of beer in particular because it was cheaper then the soft drink option usually! We also ate a lot of food too. Here are the places we visited: Mad Bar was very close to our hotel. We didn't realise that we were in the city for... Continue Reading →

Prague Sightseeing

This is what we got up to in Prague: Astronomical Clock This has to be the top of the list when ever you visit Prague. It is amazing to see especially brilliant to see on the hour. Make sure you take the time to look at all the little details. There is a lot of history and facts... Continue Reading →

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