The Grand Canyon – Day 4

This was the one place we had to see while staying in Vegas. We knew it was far away and wanted to book the perfect tour where you get as much time as possible at the Canyon, even if it cost a little more than the standard tours. We also knew we didn't want to... Continue Reading →

Lady Liberty – Day 4

Date: 27th October 2015 What We Did: We were up early and headed straight down to the bottom of Manhattan where we caught the ferry to Ellis Island. Make sure you arrive earlier as it takes a while to clear the airport style security and get onto the ferry. The boat ride over was amazing and that... Continue Reading →

Empire State – Day 3

Date: 26th October 2015 What We Did: We were up early again this morning and headed straight over to Cosi Café for breakfast. Our first stop this morning was The Empire State Building, we were going to the top to see the city! What a view it was! At 86 floors above the ground we... Continue Reading →

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