Castles and Ice Hockey – Toronto – Day 4

Date: 14th February 2018 Explored Casa Loma was a short trip on the underground. We got there early to explore as we wanted to walk back to the centre. Casa Loma is a lovely place to visit with an interesting history and great rooms to explore within the castle. However I do feel we went there... Continue Reading →

The Long Way Home

Date: 19th February 2015 What We Did: Today we checked out at around 9am and started the long drive home. We packed up the car and started on our way, already paranoid about hitting another deer. The drive back took just over 15 hours and was much easier than the drive up as we were... Continue Reading →

Day on the frozen lake – Day 5

Date: 18th February 2015 What We Did: We were excited for our tour today and made our way up to the lodge early to get checked in. When we got there we were told it had been cancelled because there was a storm on the way and the weather would be too bad up the... Continue Reading →

Skiing and Sledging – Day 4

Date: 17th February 2015 What We Did: Today we rented skis to go down the small slopes as we are hopeless at skiing. After a few hours on the skis I had to give up as it was so tiring and its just not my thing. We went back to the lodge and went across... Continue Reading →

Bjorkliden – Day 3

Date: 16th February 2015 What We Did: We woke up early to see the sunrise over the mountains and lake. The view from our cabin is the best view I think I have ever seen. Look at how much snow was on the banister. When we stood on the balcony it was strange because the... Continue Reading →

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